Penguin Stolen From Sea World (Video)

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Screenshot from SeaWorld.MyFun.au. Click to visit the website.
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Screenshot from SeaWorld.MyFun.au. Click to visit the website.

Most of us have seen “The Hangover” and plenty viewers enjoyed the hilarious scene in which the crew drunkenly steals a tiger. In a similar incident, a UK crew stole a penguin from Australia’s Sea World with cameras rolling when they were intoxicated.

Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t for a movie and now they face criminal charges on trespassing, theft and unlawfully keeping a protected animal.

The men involved handed over a video documenting Dirk the penguin’s abduction in hopes that people will see it is only a prank that got out of hand with no harm intended.

“We stole a penguin,” one man says in a video clip—Dirk is 7 years old and was never out of his enclosure, according to The Telegraph.

The three men involved in the incident are from Wales, ages 18, 20 and 21 and reportedly got drunk, slipped passed security and broke into the aquarium. Their first venture was swimming with dolphins, which was also captured on camera. Soon the penguins caught their attention, “Let’s go get a penguin,” one of the men says in a video before the trio snatched the Fairy Penguin and took him with them.

According to Reuters, the next day the men reportedly woke up and were shocked to find a small penguin in their Queensland apartment. “I can’t believe I have a penguin in my apartment man,” he says in the video as the shot shows Dirk looking around, clearly out of his element.

In a panic, the group released Dirk into a canal (Reuters reports it’s shark infested and people nearby saw Dirk get chased out of the water possibly by a shark and then back in by a dog) where he was later found by Sea World workers in distress but not hurt.

Dirk was later reportedly returned to his enclosure in Penguin Point, which houses 29 Fairy Penguins is described on the Sea World website as a “wonderful exhibit” that ” contains a variety of substrates such as gravel, rock and grass for the birds to enjoy, as well as a very large pool.”

“We, all three of us, are sorry” says Rhys Jones, one of the thieves, in a 7News clip. Check out the 7News report.