Mother’s Day: Mother’s Inspiring Video About Blind Baby Boy

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(Credit: YouTube)

A YouTube video titled, “Mother’s Inspiring Video About Her Blind Baby Boy” has gone viral with over 700,000 views.

The video starts out with a mother cradling her child as she holds up a sign that reads, “When I was 15 I met Chris and we fell in love.”

She continues to tell the story with another sign that reads, “Chris and I got married when I was 21.”

She picks up their framed wedding photo and smiles.

“When I was 23, we found out we were going to have a baby.”

She smiles brightly, again and shows the sign that reads, “We were SO excited!!!”

“At my 18 weeks ultrasound, we found out we were going to have a BOY!!”

In the 23-year-old mother’s next sign, she reveals the couple was extra happy to be having a baby boy and she shows a cute pregnant picture of herself with a bow on her belly.

They named him Christian after finding out the sex of the baby. A week after they chose the name of the baby, they got a phone call from doctors saying something was wrong with the baby. Naturally, they were heartbroken and as she describes in the video, “crushed.” As the pregnancy continued, doctors became increasingly uncertain about the health of Christian.

They went to the hospital on February 18, 2011 and the next morning their son was born. After not knowing whether or not their son would make it through the pregnancy, she holds up a sign that says, “He was alive!”

The struggle wasn’t over for the couple, however. Along with other complications, Christian was born blind. Since he was born without eyes the people would stare at Christian whenever he was taken into public, but as he grew and started laughing and playing, people began to see him as inspiration.

Take a look at the vid and let us know what you think!