MTV Is Worried Pregnant Snooki Will Be Boring

(Credit: Twitter)
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(Credit: Twitter)

MTV is concerned that pregnant Snooki is going to be a downer for her liquored-up, party-loving roomies and the producers are not happy that she has a baby meatball on the way, according to Hollywood Life.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recently announced that she is going to be having a baby boy with her fiance Jionni LaValle. As if that’s not a bummer in itself for the show’s ratings, the self-proclaimed meatball isn’t even going to be living on the same premiss as her roommates, MTV is providing the pint-sized reality star with her own nest, away from the Jersey Shore residence. Now MTV producers are afraid the sixth season of the hit show is not going to make good television!

An insider from the New York Daily News explained that Snooki “is becoming costly and stressful for the show, but the show isn’t sure it can afford to lose her.”

Snooki, 24, has reasonable worries of her own. She’s concerned that the Jersey Shore pad is not the proper place to have a baby “with all the bacteria and everyone having sex in the smoosh room, it’s just now where a pregnant person or a baby should be,” Hollywood Life reported.

Even though producers know it would be best to have Snooki in the same house as her roommates for maximum drama, they know they may be inevitably facing liability issues. “This is not an image that make good television,” says the source to the New York Daily News.

Now that The Situation is sober too, what’s going on with this crew- are they finally growing up?

Do you think Snooki will be boring now that her maternal instincts are beginning to kick in, or will she still be up to her same antics?