“Mister Rogers Remixed” Video Goes Viral

Picture 15

Picture 15Mr. Rogers has officially been remixed.

PBS recently teamed up with John D. Boswell to create “Garden of Your Mind,” which comes as an autotuned music video of the famous Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood children’s TB show.

PBS enlisted the help of Boswell aka melodysheep after seeing his work on YouTube Apparently  he was a huge Mr. Rogers fan and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with PBS to mix Rogers’ work for a new viral video.

“Mister Rogers remixed by Symphony of Science’s John Boswell for PBS Digital Studios,” reads the video caption the new video that went viral Thursday.

The video features the famous PBS host, Fred Rogers, and clips from over 30 years of his show including the trolley and Rogers’ cardigan that bring back memories of the popular show to Internet users.

Rogers became famous in the late 1960s when he began hosting a new PBS show called Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The show proved to be a success and ran for almost 900 episodes, ending production in 2001.

The show featured Rogers, who died in 2003 of stomach cancer, coming home and singing his his theme song “Won’t You be My Neighbor?” in each episode. He would go on to change his sneakers and put on a zippered cardigan sweater. He would then go on to talk about something with his audience and share a trip to his “Neighborhood of Make-Believe.”

According to The Wrap, the video is the result of PBS trying to celebrate the people who have appeared on it and broaden PBS’ appeal.

Check it out.