Rock of Ages Interview: 7 Questions With Russell Brand


24Movies QAUK funny guy Russell Brand is a man of many hats, including actor, comedian, columnist, singer, author, and radio and television presenter. During this Press conversation, Russell also makes gushing references to a couple of bromances he got into with his Rock Of Ages costars, why he won’t read all that nasty stuff about him in the tabloids, vacuuming as a potential competitive sport and what makes Charlie Sheen a warlock.

1. What was the big challenge for you, of doing a movie musical?

It’s easy, you’ve just got to move your mouth about! It’s like chewing gum. Or, do you remember Ronald Reagan at the end, I have to give him jelly beans so he looks like he was talking. It was just like that. It’s easy.

2. What’s the worst stuff you’ve read about yourself in the tabloids?

I don’t read those things, man! So I don’t know what goes on. To me, it’s meaningless, it just passes by the mind. So I don’t entertain it.

3. Would you want to be in a movie with somebody far out like yourself, say, Charlie Sheen?

Oh my god. That would be a laugh, wouldn’t it. Nah, I like him. He’s a warlock, he’s on a mission! He’s cool.

4. What were you up to when you weren’t filming?

I spent most of my time hanging out with Alec, I was with him loads. And Tom Cruise hung out with him. He’s lovely, and all. He’s brilliant. He’s like a big, charismatic hurricane smashing through your life. Like it’s lovely to get attention off of him, it’s lovely to hang out with him. He’s a really beautiful, genuine, kind man. I’ve got a real respect for him.

5. What surprised you most about Tom?

How sweet he is. You’d think if you were the biggest movie star in the world, you wouldn’t be interested in other people. But he’s very interested, and caring. And he’s a serious guy, but very sweet. A joy to be around. He bought me a birthday present! Really nice yoga mats. And he got me around his house, and cooked me nice food! Yeah, all of my favorite food. How did he know all that stuff! He was like Father Christmas. Santa Claus!

6. With the Olympics coming up, if you were competing, what sport would you choose?

I shouldn’t even be in the Olympics! How about vacuuming the floor? Oh, that isn’t even in the Olympics. Okay, darts! Or curling! I can do that. Which sounds like a type of defecating! Just none of those hard things. Like running. Or throwing that big spike about. No, no, no. Or shot put. One of those communist ones! Do something nuts.

7. What’s up next for you?

I’m doing a TV show called Brand X. Where I talk about the news in a different and unusual way. It’s going to be on in England, and the other English speaking countries.