“The Hoff’s German Cousin: Mr. Lean” Goes Viral (Video)

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The Hoff is officially hawking something healthy.  David Hasselhoff became the new star of Lean Pockets’ new online campaign and the first video has gone viral.

In a new video that hit the web in recent days, the Knight Rider and Baywatch star took on a new persona: Gunther “Mr.Lean” Hasselhoff, his German cousin and the new face of the sandwich brand.

Gunther appeared on a beach in the video, and took on the challenge of getting a young woman to stop her unhealthy desire to dine on a greasy burger and instead munch on the Lean Pockets sandwich, one that would keep her wanted by “Mr. Right.”

“Reminding you, you are what you eat,” Gunther said in full accent before he began urging the woman to eat healthy. He warned that if she did go ahead and eat the burger, she would end up ripping her bathing suit at just the wrong time and “Mr. Right” would no longer want her.

Ultimately, he warned the woman, she would end up with a hairy backed man named Harry Blutabluecco and a plethora of hairy children living in a shoebox if she chose the burger.

“It’s your choice, I’m just here to help,” he said and offered the woman Lean Pockets instead. Gunther promised if she ate the new sandwich she would end up with the younger, leaner man he dubbed “Mr. Right.”

The video went viral June 11 and already has well over 1 million views, for good reason as Hasselhoff doesn’t nothing short of entertain with his take on a distant cousin and what consequences an unhealthy meal may have.

“You don’t want to end up with Harry Blutabluecco, do you? Of course not. So take Günther “Mr. Lean” Hasselhoff’s advice: avoid gross, greasy burgers and help yourself to a better future with a LEAN POCKETS® brand sandwich,” read the video caption. “It’s the season to get in shape – but it’s your choice, he’s just here to help.”

Check it out.