“Beauty And The Beat” (Video)

Picture 1

Picture 19The opening scene of the early 1990s Disney movie Beauty And The Beast has been redone and boasts a humorous take on the classic fairytale.

In a new viral video that hit the Internet on Wednesday, Beauty walked out of her home into her neighborhood wearing a similar outfit as in the animated movie. She began singing and was greeted by neighborhood folks with “What’s good” rather than the classic “Bonjour,” like in the movie.

She sang about getting out of the neighborhood. “There must be more than this old hoodrat life,” she sand in the parody created by American Idol contestant Todrick Hall.

Beauty then headed out into the streets, where she passed Bonquesha and Trey.  “There go Bonquesha she wit Trey like always, he’s on the downlow I can tell, every morning just the same, since the morning that we came to this busted ratchet town,” sang Belle.

A beautiful but oblivious Belle was hit on my numerous men on the street, much like in the movie. A man named Iman sang, “Hey little mama can I get them digits, so I can hit you on yo cell, yo let me get it though,” while Belle walked to the weave shop.

“”I just saw the most wonderful style, it’s an up do with some finger waves and some micro braids,” she told one man.

In another clip, Belle entered the hair salon where she was given a child. She later handed her new child off to a man on the street and sat near a fountain, much like in the movie, reading Ebony Magazine. 

“Oh, isn’t this a hot mess, who would name their first-born Blue Ivy? Here’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye, wonder if they’ll have a brand new show on BET?” sang Belle while flipping through the magazine.

In one of the final clips of the 5 minute video, Belle runs into Jerome, a character, reminiscent of the movie’s ladies man, Gaston.

“Right from the moment I had met you seen you, I said you bangin’ and I fell, baby what’s it gonna be, tell me is you feelin’ me? Cause I’m makin’ plans to leave my momma house,” he sang while his admirers stood by and jealously glared at Belle.

Check it out for yourself.