‘Awkward’ Premiere (Video)

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Picture 102Awkward fans rejoiced this week when the hit MTV summer show finally returned for a long-awaited second season.

The show returned Thursday, bringing back to life characters Jenna Hamilton, played by Ashley Rickard, her boyfriend, Jake Rosati, played by Brett Davern, and love interest Matty McKibben, played by Beau Mirchoff.

This season, it seems that the awkward teen has found herself with just as many problems as last year. She captured audiences last summer when she slipped and fell, breaking her arm and having her peers think she attempted to commit suicide as the result of a malicious and mysterious letter she received.

But isn’t that what high school is all about?

The letter, a “care-frontation” that caused all the ruckus last year, was received by Hamilton in an early episode during the freshman season of the show. It was sent anonymously, leaving Jenna to grow suspicious of almost everyone she knows, including best friends Tamara and Ming.

It also motivated her to make some changes.  Hamilton decided to take chances and lost her virginity to hunky Matty Mckibben at camp, who didn’t want to go public with the new relationship, leaving Jenna with yet another problem.

In following episodes, Jenna found her relationship with Matty at a standstill and found herself a wanted woman by his friend, Jake Rosati. He even broke up with his virgin girlfriend thanks to his crush on Jenna and finally got his wish when Jenna agreed to go to the winter formal with him.

The season ended with Jenna finding out who wrote the evil letter when she discovered a stash of letters similar in style in her mother’s drawer.

In the second season premiere (Spoiler Alert!), Jenna’s situation is just as awkward. She confronted her mother about the letter, by writing her a letter on the same paper. She also found herself resisting a full blown romantic relationship with Rosati as well as questioning if she should give Matty another shot.

She ended up surprising Jake on New Year’s Eve with a kiss at midnight and eventually even accepted his social media relationship proposal. Of course, she has yet to rekindle with Matty, as seen in the Season 2 trailer.

Check out a sneak peak into the new season.