Rachel Crow Video: New Song About Bullying [Video]

Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow in her new video. (Photo credit: YouTube)
Rachel Crow
Rachel Crow in her new video. (Photo credit: YouTube)

Rachel Crow, the young and bubbly 14-year old who won over America’s hearts last year on The X Factor, has released her new music video with a powerful message about bullying.

Crow, known for her glowing smile and upbeat personality, takes on a much more serious topic in her new video singing about how bullying is affecting young adults. In a recent interview with Aol Music, Crow opens up about the lyrics and how her own experiences with bullies helped her create this inspirational song.

She admits that people in her town picked on her for the way she acted and looked.

“I was just being myself and my parents taught me to always be myself and never think you have to be different than who you are,” she told Aol.

The lyrics to the chorus include: “Mean girls, mean girls, I’m a just comb you outta my curls/ Mean girls, mean girls, you no longer run my world.”

The young singer added that she “feels sorry for all the means girls and bullies.” She believes there are two sides to everything and she portrays this in her lyrics by saying, “Maybe somebody was cold to you/ so you think that’s what you’re suppose to do.”

Crow is not the first celeb to address bullying. Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato have opened up about their own experiences with bullying and how it has made them stronger. Demi Lovato tweeted, “Bullying is a very serious thing to me, I’ve witnessed it first hand, I was bullied myself when I was 12.”

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