Olympic Reporter Kiss [Video]: Journalist Kissed During Olympic Report

Olympic reporter kiss
Reporter being kissed on-air. (Photo credit: YouTube)

A Muslim Olympic reporter was startled by a kiss from a blonde fan while broadcasting live for Sky News Arabic. The reporter was outside Old Trafford, London when the incident occurred, while giving an update of the days events.

As seen in the video, the blonde woman approaches quickly from behind, says “thank you” and aims for the lips, but settles for the right cheek, despite the reporter’s “best” efforts of warding off the fan.

The intentionally harmless act raised some controversy after the reporter confirmed that he is in fact Muslim and is fasting for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Shortly after the “attack,” laughter erupted from behind the camera as the reporter exclaimed, “I am truly fasting,” according to reports.

Fasting during the holiday of Ramadan includes refraining from any sort of sexual arousal, even a light kiss on the cheek could spiritually invalidate the fast. In spite of the disturbance the journalist was able to stay calm and collected as he finished his report.

Since the event, the famed kisser was featured on “Good Morning America,” enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame, according to The Huffington Post. The video has gone viral receiving hundreds of hits on YouTube and other sites.

On air debacles are almost always entertaining, some of this years most notable mishaps have been the “birdman” who stepped in front of newly crowned U.S. Open Champion Web Simpson during an interview or “The Dictator” aka Sasha Baron Cohen tossing “ashes” all over Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.