Snoop Dogg Changes Name to Snoop Lion

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Snoop Dogg changes name to Snoop Lion

Commonly known rapper, Snoop Dogg, has changed his name to Snoop Lion. Snoop’s move up the animal kingdom’s food chain was not the only recent change he has made, Snoop is now focusing his attention away from his violent Hip Hop songs from the past to a more peaceful reggae style.

The change stemmed from a trip to Jamaica on a 35-day spiritual cleansing journey. His travels through the reggae capital brought him upon a Rastafarian priest who urged him to make some major changes in his life.

After exciting the temple Snoop said that the High Priest asked him what his name was and after he responded “Snoop Dogg” the priest reportedly said, “No more. You are the light; you are the lion.”

Snoop also said that Rap is no longer a challenge and that he has become “Uncle Snoop” in Rap. He wants challenges, and to feel like a kid again not an uncle.

Snoop is striving to be a Bob Marley figure, through his born again attitude. He wants to make music that his “kids and grandparents can listen to.”

Snoop hopes that his new album “Reincarnated,” which will be released some time this fall, is exactly that.  Snoop claims that he is now “Bob Marley reincarnated” after connecting with Marley’s sprit.

This “rebirth” will also be expressed in a documentary featuring Snoop Lion creating music as well as some personal elements of his transformation. The film will debut at Toronto’s International Film Festival this September. There is also a book in the works also concerning his “awakening.”

Whether or not this is just a publicity stunt remains to be seen, but Snoop has made some considerable changes.