Report: MTA Worker from LI Took Generator Home For Sandy

An MTA worker from Levittown is reportedly paying the consequences for allegedly taking home a generator amid the Hurricane Sandy blackout that consumed most of Long Island.

Gregory Lombardi was demoted from assistant chief mechanical officer to supervisor and had his salary slashed in half after the Metropolitan Transit Authority investigated the incident, the New York Daily News reported, citing unnamed sources.

A spokesman for the agency would only confirm that Lombardi was demoted sometime last week.

Lombardi’s $165,000 salary was knocked down to $83,000 a year following the investigation, and two other workers who helped him also faced disciplinary actions, according to the report.

The two unnamed transit workers helped Lombardi load the MTA’s generator onto a truck before Lombardi transported it home, the paper reported.

Another Long Islander, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency management chief, got the ax last year after it came to light that he instructed government workers to clear a tree from his Suffolk County home after Sandy.

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