Beyoncé’s Lip Syncing + Bad Lip Reading = LOLz

Beyonce Inauguration - Star Spangled Banner

Beyonce Inauguration - Star Spangled BannerOk faithful Long Island Press Buzz readers. This one is for you.

Remember the NFL “Bad Lip Reading”? “A orange peanut?” “Finger time?” Of course you do, you LOL’d and clicked “Like” and showed it to your mom… It kindled a relationship between you and I, the purveyor of Buzz. It made us one.

Then, we collectively shared gallons of dismay and untold liters of grief, as we discovered that Empress Beyoncé was perhaps only a mere shell of her perfect, goddess-like self, a Wizard of Star-Spangled-Oz, who had led us astray, bamboozled us, run us amuck by (gasp!) lip-syncing our fabled (and ripe for a DubStep remix, dontcha think?) National Anthem (though truthfully, it wasn’t that big a deal, amirite ladies?)

Well. Now. I have for you. Short sentences. To increase. The. DRAMA!

What would happen, if you put those two concepts….

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

MMmm, I love French Vanilla coffee…

Wait for it…


You’d get this. And you are welcome.