Long Island Blizzard? The Most Important Thing You Need To Remember

Long Island Blizzard

It was about a year or so ago when Long Island received advance warning of a monster snowstorm. With recent memories of wild weather in our region, including tornadoes in Brooklyn and Snowmaggedon, Long Islanders — a hearty stock yes, but one shaken by prior hurricane-seasons’ wicked women — took heed to the dire omen.

But what do we need to do this time? Between emails from our new electric company and robocalls from our schools, we’re on information overload! Hopefully, everyone’s bought a shovel. Maybe some rock salt. Hot cocoa for the kids, who will probably/possibly be stuck in the house with you tomorrow…

Winter Storm Hercules

Our house has a tradition that must be fulfilled… Entenmann’s Classic 8 Rich Frosted Donuts. A fine family tradition passed along to me from my wise father, Dr. Joseph M. Conforti, a professor of Sociology, and a fine storm-hunter-gatherer, especially to a young boy who he seldom allowed any kind of name brand treats. (I grew up on off-brand cereals for instance…. Tasteeoos, Crispy Rice, Lieutenant Munch…)

It is the perfect parallel to this, a favorite, timeless classic of The Buzz column, as Vic Dibitetto reminds us all what is way more important during these trying, troubled, turbulent times of extreme winter.

Bless your heart Vic.

And please shoot future viral videos in landscape mode.


(For more information about the upcoming snowstorm, check the Long Island Press homepage – Happy now Philip?)