2014 Honda CR-V: Safe, Reliable, Fuel-Efficient & Economical

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In the market for something easy to drive that won’t swallow your wallet at the gas pumps and still gives you enough storage to accommodate a monthly trip to Costco? Visit NY Auto Giant and drive home a safe, reliable, fuel-efficient and economical 2014 Honda CR-V today!
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You don’t need to caravan an entire soccer team to travel games anymore, but driving a sedan makes you feel confined and limited.

You’re in the market for something easy to drive, something that won’t swallow your wallet at the gas pumps, but will give you enough storage to accommodate a monthly trip to Costco.

Let me introduce you to the Honda CR-V. This vehicle is the perfect alternative to mid- and large-sized SUVs—this compact SUV offers a comfortable sedan-like drive, while giving you plenty of room for storage and passengers. The four-cylinder engine will ensure that your fuel costs won’t outweigh your mortgage, while giving you a ride with enough oomph and control to make driving it an absolute pleasure.

According to car review authority Edmunds.com: “Roomy, fuel-efficient and loaded with family-friendly features, the 2014 Honda CR-V is our top choice among compact crossover SUVs,” additionally praising it as “one of the best choices available in the all-important areas of being both easy to drive and family-friendly.”

Edmunds also touts the Honda CR-V’s handling and steering as its high points, while complimenting its “well thought out interior.” Features that come standard are two info screens, a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and a function that reads incoming text messages from paired phones.

“There is a very good reason the Honda CR-V has been the best-selling SUV for several years,” it gushes. “Actually, there are numerous good reasons, as the CR-V offers a mix of practicality, comfort, usability, fuel economy, driver involvement, reliability and low ownership costs that simply hasn’t been matched by any other compact crossover SUV.”

NY Auto Giant can put you in the driver's seat of the roomy, compact crossover SUV Honda CR-V today!
NY Auto Giant can put you in the driver’s seat of the roomy, compact crossover SUV Honda CR-V today!

A reviewer at TheCarConnection.com reported: “With the CR-V, which was last fully redesigned for 2012, Honda has one of the best-selling compact crossovers, though its interior volume ventures near mid-size territory. That helps the CR-V deliver on the ‘utility’ part of the title, offering more interior space and hauling capability for people and their possessions than the Civic, even than the Accord. It’s the epitome of compact crossover versatility and space efficiency.”

“The CR-V isn’t about excitement as much as it’s the choice of those who want a safe choice and reliable transportation, hold the dazzle,” it continues.

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The LX and EX-L upgrades offer some sweet features, like a sunroof, heated front seats, automatic climate control, navigation or rear-seat entertainment system.

Priced at $23,120 and up, this is an economical choice. Even if you don’t have to drive the soccer team, chances are it will be your turn to feed them.

To get into your own Honda CR-V, call Rick Alessi at Atlantic Honda or Ravel Mejia at Millennium Honda.