Get A Fresh Look For Spring With Alure Home Improvements

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Get A Fresh Look For Spring With Alure Home Improvements!
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Spring is coming into full bloom in the weeks ahead, so naturally your gaze might wander from the flowers in your garden to the exterior and interior of your house. How does it hold up? Are you happy with the look of your place? Maybe now is the time to freshen its indoor and outdoor appearance—especially if you’ve been thinking about it all winter long.

If you plan to sell your home, you can use neutral and traditional colors because they convey a look that is warm and inviting, say realtors. According to Consumer Reports, blue is an effective hue when you want to sell. But forget green or orange. Eccentric colors may turn you on—especially if they dominate your wardrobe—but they’re pretty sure to turn off any potential homebuyers. You want to make a great first impression.

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But why stop there? Why not consider lasting impressions?

Because no matter whether you’re selling or staying, you want your house to have curb appeal for as long as you own it. As home expert Bob Vila advises, you should only pick the hues for your home’s exterior that you’ll love coming home to every day.

Of course, it all depends on your house, whether it gets sunlight or shade, where it faces, and what kind of trees are nearby. Consider its place and its physical elements before you choose your colors.

You want some suggestions? That’s what your friends at Alure Home Improvements are there for. Try off-white. It’s a classic, traditional look, a touch of cream accented with a formal taste of coolness. Of course, if you don’t want off-white, why not just go for white? A white clapboard-like look is a classic with timeless appeal. But you may not want to go too stark so try adding some creamy yellow undertones to the white you pick.

A putty color is a blend of warm taupe and gray hues, colors that blend in with your home’s natural surroundings, especially if your house has a lot of landscaping, that can be quietly inspiring. It’s a great color if you have stone in the foundation or on the walkways. Speaking of taupe, by itself it’s a perfect natural exterior paint because it evokes a classic neutral sentiment. If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with taupe.

Further on the spectrum lies gray. There are plenty of subtle shades to choose from, like driftwood, for example. One popular choice combines Benjamin Moore Copley Gray trimmed with Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk. Perhaps you’d like to consider deep blue grays because they can convey a nautical, serene emotion. It’s also a good bet if you want to offset it with white trim.

If you want to go in another direction, try yellow. But look before you leap. It’s a color that’s bound to be bold if you’re not careful, so you might want to rein it in with a pale shade. Tone it down and lighten it up, and you’ll get the cheerful hue that will make you smile. Light blue makes a dramatic statement, so you probably want to consider the architectural elements your house may have and highlight them with a reddish-brown trim. This combination can be a real showstopper, if that’s the effect you’re aiming for. Certainly, it will make people stop and take a look. You just want to make sure you’re comfortable with seeing it yourself.

The last thing you want to feel when you enter your house is like you’re walking into a black hole. So, to play it safe, consider whites, grays and tans—shades that endure. You can go trendy with your door if you want to make a difference, perhaps a lemon yellow or a burgundy and olive. But don’t even think about school-bus yellow or fire-engine red, because those colors are more suitable for some kind of flashy commercial enterprise. And if you want to put your house up for sale, think mid-tone blues and monochromatic color schemes that mix different shades and tints for the trim.

But you’re not done until you select the right finish. Experts say that flat and satin finishes are right for siding, because they reduce reflections and hide any material flaws, from age, perhaps. To add some shine to your doors and trim, pick semi-gloss paints for a nice contrast.

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And remember, long before you arrive at the final look you want for you home, be sure to consult with your friends at Alure Home Improvements, because they’ve been making homes look better for years.