You Know You Grew Up In Nassau County If…

Harlem Globetrotterrs
The Harlem Globetrotterrs’s star player, Flight Time, makes a trick shot from the roof of Nassau Coliseum.

13. The LIRR beats driving to the city

Long Island Rail Road riders hop off the train in Long Beach. (Photo by Joe Abate)

Driving into Manhattan can be a total nightmare. A 45-minute train ride is much easier, as long as you’re not going during rush hour or get stuck in the LIRR’s infamous delays.

12. You’ve gone to least one concert at Jones Beach Theater

Jones Beach Long Island
View of a concert at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh (Photo: Jones Beach Facebook, @JonesBeachNewYork)

Whether it’s a classic band like Journey or a current group like Maroon 5, Jones Beach always offers something for everyone, a great view of the water and a parking lot perfect for tailgating.

11. You went to a diner after a night out and ordered french fries with gravy on the side
Silver Diner Interior View

A staple food in any Long Islander’s diet.

10. You went to Hot Skates on a Friday night and headed to McDonald’s after17905 rental roller skates pvLooking back, maybe using those rented skates wasn’t the cleanest thing ever.

9. You did last minute shopping in Roosevelt Field Mall right before the holidaysRoosevelt Field MallYou put on a brave face (after spending an hour finding parking) and shoved your way to your favorite stores.

8. You have sidewalks 
2015 05 11 06 41 08 View northwest from in front of the Home Alone house at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka2c Illinois 2
“Wait… you mean you DON’T have sidewalks in Suffolk?”

7. You live on a dead end, not a cul de sac
sign 1749093 1920
And you’ve struggled with a three point your turn while trying to get yourself out of there.

6. You have a 7-Eleven, nail salon and pizzeria within a five-minute walk of anywhere you go
Your list of errands for that afternoon could be done within just one block of any main street.

5. You spent the day at Long Beach, and stopped at Five Guys on the way homeFive Guys 6020588068Because what better way to end a day at the East Coast LBC?

4. Ralph’s is the best dessert in the summer

Ralph’s Italian Ice in Freeport (Photo: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons)

It’s the third Long Island main food group after pizza and bagels.

3. You went grocery shopping at King KullenKing Kullen exteriorYou were also shocked when people not in the 516 didn’t know what a King Kullen was.

2. You took a field trip to Safety Town in Eisenhower Park in elementary schoolsafety townAnd you thought you were ready to drive after that.

1. Your first concert was at Nassau Coliseum Nassau Coliseum 2015And you’re so excited that it’s open again now, but you’ll always picture it with its old exterior before it was renovated to look like a space ship.