5 Products That Will Help You Achieve a Better You

NextDesk VeloTM

NextDesk VeloTM
Work won’t get in the way anymore when you have the NextDesk Velo TM, a bicycle desk that can be easily placed in your home or office. With a touch of a button you can raise or lower the powered standing desk to sitting, cycling or standing height, and switch to a chair. The bicycle can be paired with any normal or standing desk. $799 at xdesk.com/velo

Take5PetalWellAromatherapyThe Petalwell Essential Oil Diffuser
The Petalwell Essential Oil Diffuser is a portable aromatherapy companion that creates a therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere wherever you go. The diffuser takes six to eight drops of oil, and different oils each offer their own unique fragrance. The diffuser is stylish with its decorative floral design. $105 at petalwell.com

Ada is a personal health companion app that was launched in Europe (and is now available in the US) by a team of doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs so that individuals can understand and manage their health better. Ada has a database of thousands of conditions that can offer a quick assessment for mental and physical health concerns, regardless of the user’s location. Ada.com

Take5FebSpireThe Spire Health Tag
Isn’t it time we tried to reduce some stress, sleep better and maintain better focus in the new year? The Spire Health Tag is a biosensor that adheres to your clothes and uses  advanced algorithms to provide personalized, real-time health guidance for sleep, calmness and daily activity. It will send a message telling you when to take a break, or go for a walk. $99 for a three-pack at spire.io

Yoga Mat Towel Blue 3The Mission Yoga Mat Towel
The Mission Yoga Mat Towel is part of the New Mission VaporActiveTM Yoga collection that features temperature-control technologies. Its thermo technology meets the needs of fitness enthusiasts everywhere. The mat has framed corners to fit securely over a mat, maintaining towel placement through all movements and positions, and is available in two shades: strawberry cream and blue curaçao. $34.99 at mission.com

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