Ask A Psychic: What Do Spirits Look Like?

Long Island Ghost Hunters

At a very early age in life my I saw people from the other side. People are always taken back by the fact that I see deceased people. But, since this gift has been with me always, I am used to it.

At age of 10, my first memorable visitation came from my maternal grandmother, Mary. Many people ask me what she looked like the day she appeared at my bedside. There was nothing unusual or different about her physical appearance. She looked, smelled and sounded exactly as I knew her.

After more spiritual moments, I understood that not all apparitions would appear as my grandmother did. Energy can take shape in my ways.

Have you ever thought you saw a ball of light or shadow move across a room? Witnessed a mist or cloud of smoke form before you?  Spot an image of a man, woman or child standing before you? If you answer yes to any of these, then you have had an experience with someone or something from the afterlife.  

Family members, friends, pets and even angels are among the apparitions I see. Sometimes, a dark shadow emerges or a pale white powder forms, but more often than not, the spirits for me are clear – like flesh and blood – as if they were still alive.   

In horror films, spirits are often portrayed as evil, ill, injured or otherwise broken. Thankfully, I view souls at their best. Death brings peace and comfort to the soul. The energy is bright and fully developed to reach the highest potential that one’s soul can maintain. The image is humbling for me.

My richest experience was with my brother John. The first time I saw him was one month after he had passed away almost 19 years ago. The visit impacted my life so deeply that I promised myself I would celebrate John’s life in a manner worthy of his constitution.

He sat at the end of my bed one warm summer morning and brought me the ultimate gift of love and light. I could feel his strength and compassion through his stare and heard the sweet tone of his voice. He promised me I would heal and carry forward the gift of a child to my family to help the others heal.  

Nine months later, a beautiful baby girl was born and began my family’s journey back to happiness. So, no matter what you believe about the afterlife, find peace in everything that surrounds you.  

Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium, hopes to share her experiences with those who have encountered grief. She can be reached at marydrew.net