Horoscopes By PsychicDeb For February 2019


Aries – Ruling planet in the 1st house. This month’s accent is on music, singing, art and beauty. A luxury gift for the home may also provide a more harmonious atmosphere. You’ll need to share resources to make a big purchase. A difficult relative will be placated. Scorpio and Libra people are on hand. 

Taurus – Ruling planet conjunct Saturn. Your spiritual and artistic values are spotlighted. You’ll appreciate nature. Someone from afar seems aloof, but really cares more than you realize. Show compassion for a recent traveler.  

Gemini – Ruling planet conjunct Neptune. You’re ready to make long-range plans. The spotlight is on your marital status, legal standing, and prestige on a wider scale. An authority figure shares beliefs and wisdom with you. You’ll gain in practical ways by following sage advice. Capricorn is in the picture.

Cancer – Saturn in 7th house. A new romantic cycle begins. A social event brings you in contact with important people. You’ll be drawing the attention of an influential type who can help make your dreams come true. Be yourself! Original ideas flow easily and will be recognized. 

Leo – Ruling planet in the 7th house. The accent is on family, older persons, and a warm, loving atmosphere. You’ll be content to sit back and allow others to be in the limelight. Rest, relaxation, and old-fashioned values delight you. Your intuition is first rate. 

Virgo – Ruling planet in the 7th house. You’re in the mood for fun, socializing, and expanding your horizons. Persons from afar play a key role in this month’s festivities. Enthusiasm bubbles over as a wish is fulfilled. Gemini is in the picture, as well as an educational gift. A pal will be generous.

Libra – Ruling planet in the 4th house. Affiliation with a group means work and responsibility for you. You’ll deal with details, red tape, essentials. Leave the frills for another month; concrete, practical plans are needed. Don’t break the rules or regulations this month. 

Scorpio – Ruling planet in the 3rd house. Restrictions lift bringing a feeling of more freedom. Focus on change, variety, and communication with a love interest. A secret meeting later in the month leads to lengthy discussions of dreams, deep hopes, and values. Your views can be transformed by love.

Sagittarius – Ruling planet in the 1st house. Responsibility for others surges to the forefront. Someone confined to a home or hospital has your attention and affection. You can make life more pleasant with flowers, reading materials or a loving visit.

Capricorn – Ruling planet in the 1st house. Your need to get away by yourself is valid; respect it. You may be alone but can learn to enjoy your own company. You can get to the bottom of a mystery, research a vital project, or merely enjoy nature and beauty. Pisces and Virgo are encouraging.

Aquarius – Ruling planet conjunct Mars. The lunar cycle is high; leadership abilities are accented. You’re ready to step into a more responsible role in life. Your love life gets off to a good start this month; you’ll be serious about romance and could be making long-range plans for next year.   

Pisces – Ruling planet conjunct Mercury. You’ll take the initiative in celebrations. Look at the big picture. Your aims and goals will be giant-sized. You’re ready to spread influence and appeal to a wider audience. Surround yourself with people with pioneering plans. Be ready to release the past.   

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