Check out these white boxing gloves by Boxing & Barbells that double as weight-lifting gloves. The gloves open in the hand so users can lift weights, drink water and use their phone all without taking the gloves off. The gloves are sized according to your hand size. $45. boxingandbarbells.com.

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble is a comfort orthotic that fits into any shoe, sandal, or high heel. Made from medical grade gel, the orthotic may help prevent over-pronation and relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis, reduce stress on ankles, knees, and spine, and promote good balance and body alignment. Designed for high arches or flat feet, $30.99. amazon.com

STOP THOSE JUNK FOOD CRAVINGS FOR GOODKiss Your Cravings Goodbye is a lip moisturizer formulated with a blend of proprietary essential oils, rare plant extracts and lip-conditioning agents that may curb your lust for all that junk food we love to eat. The product is called a “Behave-Aid” to redirect your mind away from the bad stuff and focus instead on hydration. Available in No-Sin Cinnamon; No-Regret Mint and No-Discourage Mint, $17.99. kissyourcravingsgoodbye.com

Help yourself with The Anxiety and Stress Solution Deck created by Judith Belmont, M.S., L.P.C., that offers 55 cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) strategies with mindfulness tips and tools to make stress motivate rather than debilitate. The deck is divided into four areas: challenge your thoughts, change your behaviors, clarify your feelings, and calmness strategies. $16.99. belmontwellness.com

gimMe Seaweed Thins is a wafer-like feel-good snack that containe vitamins  A and C, calcium, iodine, potassium, selenium, iron, and magnesium — so now you can really indulge. Available in a variety of flavors including toasted coconut, almond sesame and Sriracha. $15.48 per 12-pack. gimmesnack.myshopify.com

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