Babylon Mudslide Back By Popular Demand at Salt Shack

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Regulars at the Beach Hut, the oceanfront bar and restaurant in Cedar Beach, were disappointed when the venue changed hands, became the equally popular Salt Shack, and dropped the Babylon Mudslide from the menu last summer.

But there is good news for 2019: Salt Shack, which opened for the season in early May, has brought back the one, the only Babylon Mudslide.

“The new owners of the Salt Shack made improvements in every aspect of this beachfront resort with a focus on speed of cocktails and speed and quality of food,” says Mark Miller, who owns the seaside grill with several other established restaurateurs on the island. “We invested in the best frozen drink machines that money could buy in order to remove the lines waiting for frozen drinks. Mission was accomplished and every drink improved — except one.”

Salt Shack’s owners opened the business’s doors in 2018 without the Beach Hut’s Mudslide on the menu.

“We took the old Mudslide off the menu because making it with ice cream was time-consuming, and we no longer wanted lines for anything,” Miller says.

Throughout the first year of business, what the owners learned was the following: The Mudslide was a community staple. After taking customer feedback into consideration, the owners decided to bring back the Babylon Mudslide because “the people of Babylon were so passionate about it,” he says.

The ingredients for the Babylon Mudslide are as follows: Kahlúa, Absolut Vodka, Bailey’s, milk and (of course) ice cream.

“The drink of the year at the Salt Shack 2019 will be the return of the Babylon Mudslide, with real chocolate chip ice cream,” he says. “The people have spoken!”

Throw the drink’s ingredients into a blender with ice and blend. The drink’s served in a 16-ounce Salt Shack Cup with a Hershey’s Chocolate rim.  

“Your two-hour vacation starts at the Salt Shack on Ocean Parkway in Babylon,” he says.