20th Annual Tiegerman Golf Outing Swings For Charity

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L. to R.: Dean and John Scalfani, Semil Desai, Raymon Boriello. (Photo by Tab Hauser)

The nonprofit Tiegerman Schools and Community Services raised $100,000 at its 20th annual golf outing Monday at Engineers Country Club in Roslyn Harbor.

The event benefited the Glen Cove-based group’s mission to help children and adults with learning and autism spectrum disorders. It focused on helping Tiegerman make strides in improving and expanding unique vocational programs from high school through adulthood.

This year saw Tiegerman High School’s largest graduating class to date, with 45 students and an 87 percent graduation rate. Graduates’ future plans range from day habilitation and vocational programs to higher education. Valedictorian Joseph Rao was in attendance to speak about his Tiegerman experience.

In addition to stunning greens and golf prizes, the event included an extensive buffet  breakfast, an afternoon BBQ followed by an evening of cocktails and dinner. That’s in addition to exciting raffle prizes and, new this year, an online auction.

For more information, visit tiegerman.org

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Joseph Rao speaks about his Tiegerman experience. (Photo by Tab Hauser)

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L. to R.: Diego Cortazar, Adam Holtzer, Brendan Leavy, and John Comack. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
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L. to R.: Hillary Frommer and Paige Bartholomew. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
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Tiegerman Tiegerman Schools and Community Services volunteers (Photo by Tab Hauser)
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L. to R.: Fran Pierre, Kate Magill, Frank Orzo, and Tom Boonyasai. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
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L. to R.: Daniel Rudolf, Leigh Cheng, Keith Madden, and Ed Vincent. (Photo by Tab Hauser)
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Diego Cortazar, Adam Holtzer, Brendan Leavy, and John Comack. (Photo by Tab Hauser)