Alure Home Improvements Cooks Up Kosher Kitchen of Family’s Dreams

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When a Jewish family from Woodmere came to Alure Home Improvements for professional help turning their dysfunctional kitchen into a dream kosher kitchen, the full-service remodeling company made quick work of the custom renovations.

Elizabeth Clemens, a Custom Kitchen and Bath Designer with Alure Home Improvements, says that since keeping kosher requires that the family keep their dairy and meat separate, the kitchen they sought had to have two sinks and extra storage space for the added pots, pans, and utensils they use.

“A kosher kitchen is a bit of a specialty,” says Clemens, who has been with the company for five years. “It requires a bit of knowledge about what can and can’t be used.”

Every kosher kitchen is different. Some clients also request separate dishwashers and ovens, she noted.

“A kosher household cooks pretty much every meal from scratch,” she says, noting that a large fridge is also required to store all the homemade food. “Cooking is a really big part of their family life. They prepare their meals for the Sabbath ahead of time. They’re cooking on Thursday and Friday for the Sabbath.”

Clemens met with the family, asked them lots of questions to get a sense of what they want and need, did a complete survey of the existing kitchen, and created computer-generated designs. After a few meetings, they finalized their vision and got to work. The family was very involved throughout the process and on-site for every aspect of the install.

“We did quite a bit of construction,” she says, adding that the job took about nine weeks. “We took over a bedroom and a powder room to increase the size of the kitchen.”

To ensure that the kitchen met kosher standards, Alure Home Improvements had Cambria quartz countertops installed. Making room for storing the added kitchenware were UltraCraft custom cabinets, which are flexible on sizing.

Of course, the family didn’t only want the kitchen to be kosher, they also wanted it to be appealing to the eye. Aesthetically, the family chose a classic design with a neutral light gray tone and the flooring in porcelain plank tiles that are both indestructible and pretty.

As it does for every client, Alure Home Improvements — a design/build firm that has been an industry leader since 1946 in kitchens, baths, and other types of home improvement projects — did all the work for the homeowner with licensed trade specialists. The company, which has been the recipient of numerous awards over the years — it was recently voted “Remodeler of the Year” by Professional Remodeler magazine — provided personal service to ensure the client had a stress-free and pleasant experience and, in the end, a gorgeous home they love.

That’s why the motto of Alure Home Improvements is, “We go to extremes to build your dreams!”

An open house is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15. Contact Alure Home Improvements to be added to the guest list or book your next kitchen consultation. Contact Alure Home Improvements at 516-296-7777 or visit alure.com