King Fish Oyster Bar & Restaurant’s New Sophisticated Cocktail: The Vanderbilt

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The Vanderbilt is a sophisticated craft cocktail named for the hotel in which Kingfish Oyster Bar & Restaurant resides.

A cocktail should aim to not only play with taste buds through the rhythmic dancing of flavors but to also enhance the experience of its immediate surroundings.

Following this approach, mixologists at Kingfish Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Westbury were inspired by their locale when concocting one of the more sophisticated cocktails on its menu.

“I wanted to create a drink that was beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, and interesting — just like the gorgeous building we are located in,” says Courtney Schaudel, general manager at Kingfish Oyster Bar & Restaurant, an upscale seafood restaurant located in The Vanderbilt, a luxury apartment rental residence and hotel. “The building owner had this idea of doing a masculine Creamsicle, and this was one of those rare drinks that came to fruition very quickly. I ended up commuting to the first incarnation.”

One of the cocktail’s key ingredients is egg white, which gives the drink “its swag,” she says. It’s what enriches The Vanderbilt’s texture. 

“The white goes in first, to ensure no shells try to get in on the action, followed by the rest of the ingredients,” Schaudel says. “Top the shaker with ice and shake for 15 seconds. This allows the white to emulsify with its counterparts and creates a slinky, beautiful finish. One of our bartenders is a bodybuilder, and she jokes that this drink is part of her arm workout.”

Besides egg white, The Vanderbilt is also made with High West Bourbon, tangerine juice, Peychaud’s Bitters, house-made orange marmalade, and Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur. 

“This drink is a grownup Creamsicle,” Schaudel says. “It appeals to both men and women. The citrus softens the bourbon, making it a crowd-pleaser. It has sweet notes of tangerine, but the bourbon brings it back down to earth. It’s one of those dangerously delicious cocktails.”

The cocktail is served up in a coupe glass and garnished with a long orange twist.

“Some people are a bit freaked out by the egg white factor, but once they hear the reasoning behind it, almost everyone gets on board,” she says. “It does take a little patience, because the creation is a labor of love, like any crafted cocktail. But it’s certainly worth the wait.”

Kingfish Oyster Bar & Restaurant, 990 Corporate Dr., Westbury, kingfishoysterbar.com