The Book Fairies Aims To Break Guinness World Record For Longest Book Chain

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Book Fairies volunteers help sort donations at the nonprofit’s Freeport headquarters.

Vying to set the world record for longest chain of books is The Book Fairies, a Freeport-based nonprofit dedicated to fighting illiteracy by providing free books to at-risk youths and communities.

The organization is leading an effort to gather around 25,000 books to form a line that spans more than three miles on Nov. 14, which is Guinness World Record Day. This book chain will wind through two schools in Wyandanch. Afterward, the books will be distributed to members of the community. 

“We need to make sure that we have enough books to break the record,” said The Book Fairies Executive Director Eileen Minogue. “We are going for three-plus miles, so that in and of itself is a lot of work. And then we have to do it within the time that is allotted is another hurdle we have to deal with. When we finally lay out the books, we must make sure they are all within the requirements: they have to be in a line, they all have to be touching, and they can’t crisscross.”

Once all the books are lined up, auditors will count them and measure the distance to determine if the act sets a world record.

The spectacle is just one way the nonprofit hopes to attract more book donors. Participants can contribute by sponsoring a book for $5, either doing so by themselves, or as a fundraiser or part of a team. 

So far, more than $38,000 of the $125,000 goal has been met, with all funds raised going toward the donation of 500,000 additional books for the communities that need them the most.

“Breaking the world record is a great thing, but really it’s more than that,” Minogue said. “It’s raising awareness and bringing books into underserved communities. It’s a very unique and different type of fundraiser and awareness event, so that was why we chose it. But at the end, what is really cool is that the community of Wyandanch will be infused with 25,000 to 30,000 books.”

To donate or acquire more information on the event, visit  thebookfairies.rallybound.org/guinness-world-record/

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