A Refreshing Bathroom Renewal by Alure Home Improvements

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This newly rebuilt bathroom was completed in five days.

When a married couple needed to replace the outdated bathroom their teenage daughter uses in their Huntington Colonial, they turned to Alure Home Improvements, Inc. for help making their vision reality.

Taking the lead on the five-day bathroom renovation was Rocco Montemarano, a Design Consultant for Alure who marks a decade with the company in January. While the project had a few unique challenges, it is not unlike a lot of other bathrooms he’s seen in homes across Long Island, he says. But once the transformation was complete, it took this lavatory to another level.

“From where it started off to where it ended up is really night and day,” Montemarano says. “It was more than updating it, it was really transforming the space.”

He noted that the project was completed for a moderate budget and similar transformations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

The original bathroom had a wall separating the bathtub and toilet from the sink, vanity, and entrance.

“It felt dark, it felt closed in,” he says. “Obviously the color and style were out of date.The materials weren’t in great shape either. They were looking to update it and bring it into 2019, but also open it up to make it feel bigger, brighter, and a lot more appealing.”

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Before: The old bathroom before it was renovated.

To accomplish that, Montemarano and his team met with the family to discuss the design, which included ripping out the wall, replacing the tub with a shower, upgrading the quality of materials used, and using more modern colors.

“In the designing phase, it was really just making sure the space was properly planned,” he says. “They wanted to do a rain shower and a separate hand shower, but they also wanted to take out the wall that the plumbing was currently on … We didn’t want to move plumbing to an outside wall, but we also couldn’t leave plumbing in the wall that it was in, so we had to figure out where to place it, and we ended up placing it on the long wall of the shower, which ended up being a good thing because it created a little more symmetrical effect.”

Once the new layout was planned, the team delved into the details.

“They also wanted to do a decorative accent feature on the back wall of the shower, which is the first thing you see when you walk in,” he says. “That was one of the fun things. We ended up going with a marble mosaic with a chair rail to surround it, which really made it stand out. We picked a size and location to be most visible but also to not overwhelm the room.”

Getting a job like that done required a more experienced expert craftsman who specializes in tile work.

But the fancy tile work didn’t end at the mosaic. They also installed wood grain patterned tile on the shower floor to match the Amazon grey plank flooring tile in the rest of the bathroom.

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A close-up of the new tile mosaic on the back wall.

“Merola Tile makes a hexagon with the same wood grain color and pattern as the main floor, so we used that for the shower floor,” he says. “It kept that wood-look continuity, but it was a different shape, something more fitting for a shower floor, and it’s just a unique look on its own.”

Capping off the sleek new tile shower portion of the project was a pair of classy glass sliding doors. Combining whites and grays with some taupe mixed in, the overall look of the final product was transitional, Montemarano says.

“It was a mix of modern and traditional,” he says. “It was classic, too. We did a marble look for the walls, which is timeless, but we also did a more modern vanity style with a rectangular sink, and then went traditional on some of the fixtures, like the faucets.”

As it does for every client, Alure Home Improvements — a design/build firm that has been an industry leader since 1946 in kitchens, baths, and other types of home improvement projects — did all the work for the homeowner with licensed trade specialists. The company, which has been the recipient of numerous awards over the years — it was recently voted “Remodeler of the Year” by Professional Remodeler magazine — provided personal service to ensure the client had a stress-free and pleasant experience and, in the end, a gorgeous home they love.

That’s why the motto of Alure Home Improvements is, “We go to extremes to build your dreams!”

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