Bios Urn is turning people into trees.

It used to be that when you died, you were either put to rest in a casket or cremated. But nowadays, those looking for no-traditional burial options have plenty to choose from.

A company that helps turn you into a tree after you die recently made national headlines, but that is not the only unconventional interment alternative available. Those really looking to go out with a bang can have their cremated ashes put into fireworks, while those looking to live on forever can be turned into a diamond. 

Here are seven alternatives to traditional burial.


Most of us won’t get to fly to space before we die, but a company called Celestis will launch your ashes on so-called memorial spaceflights. Prices range from $1,295 for ashes that fall back to Earth to $12,500 for those destined for deep space.


Love music? Well, you’re in luck. A company called AndVinyly can press your ashes into a record of your choice, with your birthdate, death date, and portrait on the sleeve if you want, all for about $3,800.


This one’s not for landlubbers. External Reefs puts your ashes in concrete, which is then lowered into a reef, so you can live on as part of a marine habitat for between $3,000 and $7,500.


If diamonds are forever, LifeGem can make you immortal by turning your ashes into the most precious of stones for up to $25,000. Those who prefer glass pendants can hire Art From Ashes, which can also turn you into all sorts of other glass objects.


Dogs excluded, who doesn’t love fireworks? For those who love a fiery show in the sky more than the average bear, there’s Heavenly Stars Fireworks, which puts your ashes into mortars that simultaneously scatter your remains while putting on an awe-inspiring show. Packages start at $1,288.


This might be the type of tree everyone can get behind hugging. For between $140 and $169, depending upon the type of tree, Bios Urn will place your ashes in their biodegradable urn with the preferred seed for loved ones to plant and watch grow.

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