Pouran Eshghi, president of Pouran Company, and, with her husband Kia, owner of three businesses located within the indoor arcade: Pouran Boutique, selling specialty clothing and handbags, Pouran's Salon and Med Spa, and the full-service Pouran Beauty Salon.

When you live at North Shore Towers and Country Club, you don’t have to go very far to find something to do or be pampered thanks to the wide variety of amenities made available to residents. 

Want to go swimming and relax by the pool in the middle of winter? No problem. After all, North Shore Towers offers “the best amenities around and you can have a winter staycation right here at home,” according to Debra Markell Kleinert, head of marketing and media for North Shore Towers and a resident there for four years.

“Living here at North Shore Towers in winter we don’t have to go anywhere,” she says, noting that the amenities include an indoor pool, spa, health club, and gym. “You need a backrub? We have it. You need a facial? We have it. You want to just lounge around the pool? We can.” 

What you get is “hotel-style living here at home,” she says.

And the amenities are for all ages, from toddler to adult, Kleinert says, adding that she and other residents can “just relax here at home and never have to leave whatever the weather is.”

Helping to provide at least some of the many amenities to North Shore Towers residents for more than 40 years has been Pouran Eshghi, president of Pouran & Company and, with her husband Kia, owner of three businesses located within the  indoor arcade: Pouran Boutique, selling specialty clothing and handbags, Pouran’s Salon and Medi Spa, and the full-service Pouran Beauty Salon.

Kleinert notes that she is one of Pouran’s many customers and goes to her spa for facials. After a facial or a massage, you can then “go right down to the steam room or sauna and right into the pool,” Kleinert says, adding that her husband, Barry, especially enjoys the hot tub.

Pouran has been in business at North Shore Towers for more than 40 years, Glen Kotowski, general manager at North Shore Towers points out, adding that Pouran’s beauty salon was there from the beginning.

Pouran, who has a theater background, has a staff of more than 25 at her beauty shop and a smaller staff at the more intimate spa. The holiday season has been “very hectic and busy for us,” she says. What helps to keep up with that busy schedule, she adds, is the apartment she has at North Shore Towers in addition to her home in the Hamptons.

In her 40 or so years at North Shore Towers in all, Pouran has served countless customers, many of whom have been loyal customers for decades. 

“It’s like a family [and] we have a lot of feelings for our clients,” she says.

Pouran Boutique, which has been in business for about 30 years, offers a truly unique variety of products, including fine, upscale Italian clothing for both men and women. 

“It’s a true pampering experience when you go to Pouran,” says Linda Rappapor,t on-site real estate broker. 

Customers “just love coming there and getting pampered and feeling like they look like a movie star when they walk out,” Rappaport says, adding that Pouran “treats people like family and it’s like her home.”

What’s especially great is that all residents have to do is press an elevator button to go down and be pampered with everything from manicures and pedicures to massages and facials without leaving the complex. In all, what you get at North Shore Towers is luxury living at its finest.

Other luxury apartment complexes don’t come close to providing what North Shore Towers offers. You can even grab a hot chocolate in a relaxing environment when you’re there. In addition to all the amenities noted above, you also get a movie theater on premises and other shopping choices. 

Outdoors, when we leave winter behind, North Shore Towers also offers an 18-hole golf course, five Har-Tru tennis courts and an outdoor pool and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

North Shore Towers and Country Club is “looking forward to another great season,” according to Mary Anne Langone, country club general manager. For details and to book a tour, call her at 718-428-5030 ext. 0.

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