Pro Tips For Creating A Homeschool Nook For Remote Learning

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Homeschool nooks should have good lighting. (Getty Images)

When the COVID-19 quarantine first started, many parents, thinking remote learning would be temporary, threw together makeshift spaces for the kids. 

Many have since accepted that it’s time to make the kid’s homeschool nook permanent. But how?

Mikayla Keating, an interior designer Decorist, which offers its services at $199 per room, shared these helpful tips.

What is the best way to go about creating this space? Look for a space that is quiet, in a corner, or has good lighting. The nook does not have to be large, but a place where your child can sit down and feel comfortable. 

When is a child-size or adult-size desk appropriate? The desk should be about 8 inches from the seat of the chair to promote good posture. In most cases, the best time to upgrade to a full-size desk is when your child is in their preteens. 

Is the chair choice important? Your chair choice is very important. It needs to be a proper chair since this helps children concentrate and promotes good posture. The chair should allow your child to sit with both feet flat on the floor.

What about lighting? Good lighting is important, as well. Your child will be less likely to strain their eyes and will help them focus. If you are able to, set up your school nook by a window for natural light. 

What are the must-haves for the desk? My must-haves for any desk are a pencil cup, a desk lamp, a magazine file for loose papers, and sticky notes. 

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