Your Voice, Your Viewpoint: An Open Call For Students To Speak Out

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As our region has been through many challenges these last few months, we know one issue is relevant and part of what so many kids live with: racism. And we want you to be heard! 

We want middle school and high school students to submit their stories to us. The cool thing? We want your story to be the best path that represents who you are. This can be in a story, essay, poem, or a video share with the New York community on your viewpoint or experience with racism. You have until September 25 at midnight to submit your voice and viewpoint entry to Schneps Media.

The Details:

Schneps Media and the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation want to hear your voice and your viewpoint on your experiences with racism. We invite students, our future leaders, to share your thoughts and feelings about your experiences with racism. 

Middle and high school students are invited to submit essays, videos, poems, or other expressive media that you feel capture your experiences. 

Students can either choose from the following prompts, or choose to submit work beyond the prompts, but still related to the overall goal of sharing your voice and your viewpoint.

I experienced racism when… 

I’ve fought against racism by… 

I was racially profiled when… 

My first experience with racism was when… 

Submit virtual or written entries limited to 250 words either by email or by using the hashtag #YourVoiceYourViewpoint on social media including Instagram or TikTok. Video entries can be emailed to [email protected] Please include your name, age, and school with your entry.

Submissions will be published in Schneps Media’s multiple platforms of print, digital, and broadcasting. Three middle school students and three high school students will each be awarded a prize of $500 by a panel of Queensborough Community College students. Submissions will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 25, and winners of the prize will be announced on Thursday, Oct. 1. For additional information please call 718-260-2500.

Schneps Media is the parent company of the Long Island Press.

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