VIDEO: Closely-Guarded College Financial Aid Strategies


Andy Lockwood is a best-selling author and founder of Lockwood College Prep in Glenwood Landing, NY.  

How to afford college in today’s turbulent times

From watching this free, video you will discover:

  • How to negotiate with colleges after they offer you a package
  • Hear how a Huntington family negotiated an extra $38,000 per year from the University of Pennsylvania…after Penn’s so-called “final offer”
  • Did your accountant or financial advisor tell you where to save for college? WATCH OUT – their advice may have RUINED your chances of getting anything (and what to do about it at the 11th hour)
  • The counter-intuitive reason why an expensive private college can actually cost less than a so-called “cheaper” state university
  • Facts about who really gets merit scholarships
  • The strange reason why high income families have an edge when it comes to getting aid from colleges
  • Which types of savings accounts do NOT penalize you at all in the financial aid formulas
  • The 529 Savings Plan: “friend” or “foe?”
  • How coronavirus will affect college admissions and financial aid next year and beyond
  • More, including attendee questions!

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Produced on Wednesday, Nov. 18 with more than 230 registrants.

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