Contemporary Artist Showcases Work at Brewery in Glen Cove

Artist Elena Kay displaying her art at the Noble Savage Brewing in Glen Cove. (Photo by Ed Shin)

Elena Kariyannis, also known as “erocksny,” is an American contemporary visual artist who has exhibited in New York City and Europe. She recently held an art show at Noble Savage Brewing Company in Glen Cove.

Elena’s art style is a fusion of abstract expressionism and pop art. Her unique style of painting is mostly done with her fingers. Her inspiration is fueled by everyday life experiences, by living in the moment, constantly moving and evolving. Her vibrant use of color evokes intense energy that naturally captures the viewer.

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Art by ErocksNY (Photo by Ed Shin)
Effie Katikas with a ErocksNY painting that she purchased (Photo by Ed Shin)
Dan Lunde with a ErockNY painting that he purchased (Photo by Ed Shin)
Elena Kay’s ErocksNY art show at the Noble Savage Brewing in Glen Cove (Photo by Ed Shin)

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