Port Washington’s Pall Corporation Makes Air Purifiers To Fight Covid-19

pall corporation
An engineer at Pall Corporation works on equipment used for vaccine manufacturing. (Courtesy Pall Corporation)

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many technology companies have fine-tuned their focus to meet global health needs to protect from the virus. One of those companies is Port Washington-based Pall Corporation.

As an industry leader in air filtration, separation, and purification, Pall’s work gained extra momentum when the coronavirus hit: Its products and technologies could be a key component to keeping people safe from the virus indoors.

“From the start of the Covid-19 crisis, Pall has drawn on the depth and breadth of our material science and engineering expertise across a wide range of industries,” Jennifer Honeycutt, president of Pall Corporation, said in a statement, “to devise trusted solutions that support research, help patients heal, and eliminate the spread of this disease.”

In August, the United States Department of Defense (DOD) awarded Pall with a $4.9 million contract to ramp up production of a new air ventilator filter. This will help the company increase its production capacity from 485,000 to 650,000 units per month when the product line opens in fall 2021.

“We are proud Pall was awarded this DOD contract, which allows us to increase the production of ventilator filters to help protect patients and give healthcare workers the equipment needed in a pandemic situation,” Honeycutt said.

Pall is headquartered on the North Shore and has 80 locations worldwide that research, develop, and distribute important industrial, health, and environmental technology. The company’s Life Sciences and Industrial divisions work on various innovative projects, including finding solutions for pharmaceutical development, protecting from contaminants in food and beverage manufacturing, speeding electronic production, addressing water quality issues, and more.

Pall has also been aiding drug companies producing Covid-19 vaccines. The company joined a consortium, led by the University of Oxford, which gathers leading tech and science companies to consult on vaccine development. Pall has offered its expertise on scaling up manufacturing processes, which are now being used by several drug makers. 

“It’s through our innovation,” Honeycutt said, “that we will continue to apply our expertise in novel ways to protect people around the world.”

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