8 Best Websites For Kids To Send Valentine’s Day E-Cards

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By Brooke Thompson

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time for chocolates, red hearts, and exchanging valentines. With Valentine’s Day looking a little differently this year, the fun children’s tradition of exchanging valentines at school might have to be done virtually.

If you are looking for some ideas on how your child can give Valentine’s Day cards to their friends in class, why not send them an e-card? E-cards are virtual cards that can be sent by email. They typically feature animations, songs, and sometimes even interactive elements, like games and quizzes. You also can include a personalized message and, sometimes, even a gift.

Here are eight websites that specialize in sending Valentine’s Day e-cards.

Best Websites to Send Valentine’s Day E-cards


Hallmark always has amazing cards to give to your favorite people, and their e-card selection does not disappoint. Their Valentine’s Day e-cards come in a variety of genres and brands that your child is bound to find one they’d love.

In typical e-card fashion, these cards are animated. Children will enjoy characters moving across the screen, the wacky sound effects, and personalizing their own messages to their friends and classmates.

Here are a couple of the cards on the website:

Heart in a Basket
“A Heartfelt Adventure” e-card

“A Heartfelt Adventure” e-card is a cute, short animation that features a valentine heart, spreading kindness throughout their journey.

Screen Shot 2021 01 19 at 6.32.14 AM 1
“Sending a Little Magic” e-card

“Sending a Little Magic” e-card showcases Mickey Mouse’s magic skills as he sends hearts and messages to the viewer.

American Greetings

American Greetings is another website where your child can send Valentine’s Day e-cards to their friends and classmates. What is unique about American Greetings’ cards is that some of their e-cards are interactive. Children will enjoy popping balloons, clearing away confetti, or chasing butterflies before getting to read a special message.

American Greetings has over 100 valentine e-cards to choose from, so your child is sure to find the perfect one to send. While some of their e-cards are interactive, there are others that feature animations, songs, and even quizzes.

Happy Valentine's Day
“Special You” E-card from American Greetings

“Special You” features a small heart singing a sweet message to the recipient.

Three Balloons
Valentine Balloons Interactive

The “Valentine Balloons” is an interactive e-card where the viewer can pop the balloons to reveal messages.

For the full list of websites, visit NewYorkFamily.com.


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