VIDEO: How Parents, Teachers Can Use Video Games to Teach Kids

video games to teach kids

Implementing tactics from how video games are created could be successful in maximizing a child’s online learning experience, experts say.

That’s the word from Dr. Kimberly Berens, the founder of Fit Learning, who recently shared educational advice on the webinar “Thriving in a Virtual World: Making Video Games and Zoom work for you,” a webinar hosted by Schneps Media, the parent company of the Long Island Press.

“The reason humans become addicted to video games is because of the way they are designed,” Berens said. “Video game designers are informed about the science behind the learning process.”

These designers understand how learning works, and that players cannot master anything without repeated, reinforced practice. As children begin to learn and improve in video games, they are rewarded with access to move further throughout the game. The child is rewarded, difficulty increases and this method is repeated continuously.

“There’s nothing wrong with your child’s ability to learn if they become adept at playing a video game,” Berens said, adding that the learning system is based on how children learn. “What’s wrong is how they are being instructed in academic areas.”

Moving forward on how to be a powerful advocate for children during online learning, Berens explained that the only thing parents can do is arm themselves with the knowledge that in order for their child to succeed, they have to master basic skills.

Parents must design a powerful reinforcement system to make their children want to do the work based on the benefits that will follow. Instead of free access to screen time, make children earn video game, laptop and television time. Rather than punishing, think of positive ways to influence the action.

For more tips, watch the webinar video below.

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