With so many cats available for adoption this week, it’s hard to choose just one. But the good news is most enjoy the company of other cats, so why not head down to your local rescue/shelter and bring at least one new best friend home today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Meet the Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pet of the Week, Wabbit. This 5-year-old fella guy was found abandoned in a feral cat colony where he was being picked on by more dominant cats. He has a crinkled ear from either a chronic ear issue or an ear injury, and this will require a little bit of extra care and cleaning on occasion. Wabbit is a timid and calm cat who can be shy around people, but when nobody’s looking, he loves to play with toys. When he’s shown a little bit of love, he’ll make sure to give a lot of love back! Wabbit’s ideal life will be with a quiet home and a patient family.

For more information about adopting Wabbit, please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at Allykatz


Biscuit is quite the active kitty, so active that he prefers to play with other cats and dogs but not so much with little kids. He is up to date on all his shots, neutered, and ready to become your next best friend today!


If your house has a few kids running around then Mae is the gal for you! This friendly lady is up to date on her shots, in great health, and is seeking her forever home. Could that home be yours?


Check out Maggie and her cute little slippers! This friendly cat gets along with everyone- cats, dogs, humans- you name! Maggie is fully vetted and ready to head home with you today!

Buttercup is as sweet as her name. This 2-3-year-old sweetheart gets along great with cats and kids too so what are you waiting for, scoop this buttercup up asap!


Braveheart needs a very special foster or adopter.  He is a sweet cat but is very skittish.  He is affectionate with other cats and likes to be near people but is in need of socialization help him become comfortable with petting and cuddling.  If you have the patience to help this little fella, he’s sure to warm up to you and return the favor with affection.

For more information about adopting Allykatz cuties, visit alleykattz.org.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

North Shore Animal League America is waiving all adoption feline (cats/kitten) adoption fees for approved adopters throughout the month of August. Adoption Centers are open daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.  No appointment necessary.


You might find 2-year-old Tux (Adoption #G26627) chillaxing in a cubby like any other ordinary cat. Look a little closer and you’ll discover something extra about this rescue from Georgia. No, we’re not talking about his low-key personality, although his appreciation of attention is quite charming. Take a look at those extra toes—27 in total! That’s a pretty purrfect polydactyl! There’s no extra charge for those bonus digits, so don’t let Tux get away with asking for more treats. But do let him have all the ear rubs he wants because he’s extra worthy of all the attention. Although Tux can be shy at first, an experienced cat owner will easily soothe him. Tux is seeking a quiet home (with children eight and older and no other pets) to assure him he’s finally where he’s belonged all along!

Cali Bleu

Seven-year-old Cali Bleu (Adoption #BF3723) spent the first part of her life fighting for her fair share in a tumultuous setting; NSALA is guaranteeing the rest of her life will be nothing but luxuriating in sun patches in a safe home as the only pet. Offer her a place to call her own and you’ll find a deeply grateful lady ready to lavish you with all the love she has been bottling up inside. This happy girl loves a good rub down from the tip of her ears to the bottom of her tail! Cali is a lovely choice for quiet homes with children twelve years old and older. She’s so ready to claim your heart today!


Arriving all the way from Oman, 1-year-old Archie (Adoption #IR1332) would love to chat with you about his adventures! This very vocal boy has plenty to say about the wild ride he’s lived so far, but most importantly, he’d like to make sure you treasure him as much as he’ll treasure the pleasure of being your one and only. Because of his sensitivity to adjusting to new situations, Archie is seeking a home as the only pet (with children 12 years old and older ) so he can focus all of his attention on settling into the comfortable life he deserves. He feels he’s fought hard enough to get to where he is today and wants the rest of his life to be smooth sailing—and ear rubs. How could you resist with ears as incredible as his! NSALA hopes he never grows into his ears, but they know he’ll never get tired of you whispering in them that you’ll love him furever!


Lovely Lily (Adoption #NCI0298) isn’t letting a little setback in living arrangements keep her from turning frowns upside down. This plucky four-year-old gal lives to put smiles on the faces of her admirers, and she’s quite good at that too! She’s saving herself for a human companion because she’s craves being the center of attention—so no other pets, please! Offer her an ear rub and you’ll find she’s ready to commit to a lifetime of purrs with you.

Although Maddie (Adoption #NCR5924) is only 2 years old, she feels like she’s been searching for her furever home … well, forever. She lost her original home in North Carolina when her family moved away and left her behind in a shelter. Her foster family sang high praises about what a delightful lap cat she was when she felt safe and loved. Now Maddie has been welcomed in NY with a brand-new chance at a happy, new beginning. This lovely lady has helped narrow the scope of homes that will work best for her by telling us she’s ready to be the sole object of affection to a devoted human, in a peaceful home with older, understanding children— eight years old and above. Craving peace and quiet, Maddie dreams of being loved by someone who understands that her journey has left her a little dubious. Your kindness and encouragement are all she needs to overcome her trepidation and roll right into receiving the chin rubs she craves.


When local heroes found 2-year-old Franny (Adoption #L80612) abandoned, they leaped into action and secured her a safe place in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. NSALA has given this frightened little lady all the loving care she needs to gain confidence and has discovered she’s a delightful playmate when given the opportunity to settle into new situations. NSALA would love for Franny to continue growing her confidence in a quiet home with kids age 16 and older. She’ll feel safest as the only pet in her home which means she’ll have nothing keeping her from expressing all of her gratitude for her ultimate hero—the one who makes gives her all of their heart.


Three-year-old Harley (Adoption #NCR7207) traveled a long way to be discovered in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. This North Carolina rescue doesn’t want to waste any time getting to know the other felines sharing her space. She wants an experienced human to call her own. Provide her with a tranquil, sunny space and she’ll reward you with enthusiastic conversation and attentive admiration. If you have a calm, predictable environment (with children 10 years old and above) that can give her the stability she craves, Harley is the tender tabby for you!

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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