Patina Miller Honored With 2021 Inspiration Award at North Fork TV Festival

Image 1 Noah Doyle – Founder of NFTV, Patina Miller, Lauren Doyle – Founder or NFTV & Elias Plagianos – NFTV Artistic Director
Noah Doyle, founder of NFTV; Patina Miller; Lauren Doyle, founder or NFTV; and Elias Plagianos, NFTV artistic director. (Photo by Ed Shin)

The North Fork TV Festival honored Patina Miller with this year’s Inspiration Award. The formal awards presentation took place on Wednesday, Aug. 4 at Crabby Jerry’s in Greenport.

“The Inspiration Award is presented to someone who truly inspires and uplifts audiences, showcasing the power of hard work and determination,” said Noah Doyle, the festival’s founder. “This year’s recipient, Patina Miller, fully epitomizes this. We look forward to honoring her rise to fame from Broadway to her powerful and versatile performances in film and TV.”

“I am so appreciative of the North Fork TV Festival for this incredible recognition,” Miller said. “This job I get to do is an absolute dream. If the work and the roles can continue to inspire even just a small group of people, I know that I’m doing something right.”

The Inspiration Award honors a member of the New York television community. Because inspiration is about the future, the Inspiration Award honors the person who most inspires us to create an ever-brighter future for the global television community. The winner’s vision and work inspire buyers, sellers, and other creative professionals to do work that respects and grows the global marketplace for independent scripted TV. Miller joins previous recipient Aasif Mandvi as those recognized.

Currently, Patina Miller stars as Raquel “Raq” Thomas in POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN, the latest spinoff for Starz. Starz’s tentpole POWER franchise is the most-watched show on premium cable with a dedicated and wide fanbase. Previously, Miller portrayed press coordinator Daisy Grant in the CBS hit drama series, Madam Secretary, starring Tea Leoni, Bebe Neuwirth, and Tim Daly. She also starred as Charlotte Jenkins on the PBS Civil War-era drama, Mercy Street, alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Josh Radnor; the show marked PBS’ first original drama in more than a decade.

For more information about this year’s festival, visit northfork.tv and follow @NorthForkTV on Twitter and Instagram.

Image 2 David Mars Patina Miller
David Mars & Patina Miller. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 3 Tony Award winner Patina Miller named this year’s NFTV Inspiration Award
Tony Award winner Patina Miller named this year’s NFTV Inspiration Award. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 4 Nancy Lombardo Lauren Doyle Harlan Friedman
Nancy Lombardo, Lauren Doyle. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 5 Ben Rosenfeld Michelle Slonim
Ben Rosenfeld & Michelle Slonim. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 6 John Tomaselli Nancy Lombardo Elias Plagianos
John Tomaselli, Nancy Lombardo & Elias Plagianos. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 7 Michelle Palermo Creator of Middle of Nowhere Paul Prissel
Michelle Palermo, creator of Middle of Nowhere, and Paul Prissel. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 8 Galen Foote Ally Bruschi
Galen Foote & Ally Bruschi. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 9 David Mars Patina Miller Lauren Doyle Noah Doyle
David Mars, Patina Miller, Lauren Doyle & Noah Doyle. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 10 Patina Miller Donna Drake
Patina Miller & Donna Drake. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 11 Catherine Loerke Alison Klemp Mirella Christou Nadine Cheung All selected for the Pitch Forum
Catherine Loerke, Alison Klemp, Mirella Christou & Nadine Cheung. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 12 Michelle Hamada Mirella Christou Alison Klemp
Michelle Hamada, Mirella Christou & Alison Klemp. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 13 Chloe Worthington Maura Kanter Borth Selected for the Pitch Forum Bryce Norbitz Pitch Forum Director
Chloe Worthington, Maura Kanter. (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 14 Patina Miller having a formal converstation with Elias Plagianos
Patina Miller having a formal conversation with Elias Plagianos. (Photo by Ed Shin)

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