Adopt One of These Purr-fectly Adorable Cats on Long Island

Feline fans, pull out your scratching pads and catnip because this week’s lineup is for you! Head down to your local rescue or shelter to meet a paw-fectly purrfect cat or kitten today!

Available for adoption at AlleyKattz Rescue

Mama Ruthie and Baby Billy

Everyone loves a Baby Ruth candy bar, right? Well, how about mom Ruthie and baby Billy?  These two bonded felines would bring great sweetness and love into your heart and your home. Mama Ruthie is just one year old and needs time to get used to people. She allows petting but is not yet trusting enough to be picked up. With time and patience, you can win her trust. Her baby Billy is 3 months old and like most kittens, he is curious, friendly, and playful. Mom and Baby are bonded to each other and must be adopted together. They are good with other cats but not good with kids so they need a child-free home. An older person or couple with a quiet home would be a great fit for them.

Minnie and Kiara

Looking for the purrfect pair of felines for your family? Minnie and Kiara are 9-month-old sisters that are good with kids, dogs, and other cats! They are bonded, sweet girls that need a home together where they can share their love with you. If you would like to adopt these two sweeties, please go to Alleykattz rescue and fill out an application today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Yoo Hoo

**Senior Alert** Yoo-Hoo!! Yes, we’re calling you over to check out Yoo-Hoo! You-Hoo is a gorgeous gal estimated to be 10-to-12 years old. Sweet Yoo-Hoo was found abandoned, thin, and matted as part of a feral cat colony. Her unique coloring and stunning green eyes are hard to resist. Yoo-Hoo loves to snuggle and hang out in the sun. She has a hyperthyroid condition, but this can be managed through a prescription diet and vet visits twice a year. Yoo-Hoo would do well in a home with children and other animals that respect her personal space. If you are interested in meeting You-Hoo, please call 631-360-7575.

Currently, there’s a variety of male and female cats and kittens available to adopt or foster. If you are looking for a fun-loving, yarn tossing ball of love, stop by the Kitten Nursery or the Cat Condos at the Smithtown Animal Shelter and find a PURR-fect soulmate or two!

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

**North Shore Animal League America will be waiving adoption fees on all felines six months and older through the month of September for approved adopters.


Four-year-old Ava (Adoption #BF3234) has taken her sweet time gathering her courage after a life spent outdoors fending for herself. Lately, staff and volunteer’s patience has been rewarded with appreciative head bumps and rolling purrs for trusted companions they’re certain will continue in the loving home of patient, experienced humans willing to give her the tranquility she has always craved. A predictable setting with children age 16 and older will lead Ava all the way out of her reticence and into the hands of her adoring human.


A local rescuer reached out for our help in placing a cat who needed to learn to trust again. Time in a quiet space was exactly what five-year-old Olaf (Adoption #L80529) needed. NSALA has discovered the key to his success would be in a home with an experienced adult with no other pets. Predictable days with no children in the home will provide him with a smooth transition into the next step on his journey. As the sole object of your attention, you’ll discover an exceedingly charming and loyal friend who wants to be your shadow but has clear body language when he needs time for himself. Olaf has overcome the difficulties he encountered in his life before arriving to safety; he’s ready to be the great love of your life!

Hunter and Audi

**Double Adoption** NSALA loves playing matchmaker between pets and families, but they take particular delight in introducing best friends to kittens who need a boost to their confidence. When Audi (Adoption #BF3813) was discovered in a rescuer’s backyard, he got the star treatment in a foster home to work out his feelings about humans. Locally rescued Hunter (Adoption #L80579) was delivered to us for safety with a similar feeling about hands. Our foster mom offered to put the boys together to see if magic could happen—and it most certainly did! Shy kittens are always going to benefit from having a feline friend at their side, and Audi’s playful energy has been a wonderful complement to Hunter’s shyer personality while Hunter’s love of lap time is something that intrigues Audi. They’ll always find time to recharge in a cuddle pile. Put them in a calm, consistent, cat-experienced home with older children and watch them explore new opportunities at each other’s side. Want to join along on the successful journey of these two wonderful five-month-old best friends?

**Double Adoption** At first glance, you might think five-month-olds Amber (Adoption #BF3805) and Atticus (Adoption #BF3806) are a bit shy, but pull out a feather toy and watch their true purrsonalities emerge! These locally rescued kittens are the best of what kittens have to offer: contented nap time companions, and fierce feather warriors! You’ll be enchanted by their determination to overcome their shyness for a good time. Amber and Atticus are a delightful choice for first time kitten adopters. Come by and meet them, and don’t forget to bring an empty heart because they have a knack for filling it up! And remember, when you adopt, you’re saving two lives: the animal you take home and the animal we now have room to rescue.  So, if you adopt Amber and Atticus, you’re saving four lives!


Marvelous Momma Amelia (Adoption #BF2042) is free from her responsibilities to her kittens and ready to devote more time to grabbing attention for herself. After a rough start to life, this one-year-old tender tabby has put the past behind her and has her heart set on a future of freedom and safety in a loving home. Start with rubbing her magnificent ears and see where that takes you. You’ll be treated to some very enthusiastic belly rolls just to show you she thinks you’re pretty awesome too. We predict a very happy life between Amelia and her fortunate family, and NSALA is rooting for you to be the people she chooses to love furever!


Dear Abigail (Adoption #BF2048) deserves a loving home after completing her time as a nurturing momma cat to her kittens in our nursery. Although Abigail is fortunate to have had a safe place to recuperate from motherhood, this shy local rescue needs a bit of reassurance that the hard work is behind her, and the happiest days are ahead as a treasured member of a family. To help two-year-old Abigail transition into her first home, NSALA is seeking a quiet one with children age six and older and nurturing adults willing to offer ear rubs on demand. They predict she’ll be purring her gratitude to you in no time!

Reach out to DoritS@animalleague.org for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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