London Jewelers Sparkles on Long Island For 95 Years

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Courtesy London Jewelers.

The famous London Jewelers is a Long Island company through and through — it got its start in Glen Cove, expanded to Manhasset and the Hamptons, and has done business on LI for the past 95 years.

It all started when Charles London, a clockmaker, came to Glen Cove from Europe to make enough money repairing clocks on the Gold Coast to bring his family to the United States. Eventually he did just that, as well as opening a watch and jewelry storefront: London Jewelers. 

“Over more than 95 years, we became known as the home to the world’s most celebrated designers of fine jewelry, timepieces and giftware, and built an unparalleled reputation for service, quality and expertise,” says vice president Randi Udell Alper.

The family business is now in its fourth generation, with London’s granddaughter, Candy Udell, and her husband, Mark Udell, at the helm, and their children, Randi and Scott, serving as vice presidents. Before them, London’s daughter, Fran, and her husband, Mayer Udell, ran the company.

The very first London Jewelers storefront opened on School Street in Glen Cove in 1926. Though London’s specialty was watches, he incorporated jewelry to meet the changing fashion trends of the Roaring ‘20s. His wife and three children, including Fran, came to America three years later.

By the 1960s, London Jewelers was carrying some of the most popular watch and jewelry brands. Since then, the company has expanded several times with new luxury boutiques at Americana Manhasset, as well as opening new storefronts in East Hampton in 1996 and Manhattan in 2016.

“We carry the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world,” Randi says. “In addition, we design and curate our own London Collection in collaboration with jewelry artisans all over the world and our own in-house jewelers. We also carry the best watch brands, plus luxurious giftware and home accents.”

With the holidays just around the corner, Randi has some recommendations for gifting your special someone a piece from London Jewelers.

“Gold and diamonds never disappoint, since new pieces can layer in seamlessly with her existing jewelry wardrobe,” Randi says. “We have something for all different tastes, whether her style is classic, contemporary or something in between. For something more out-of-the-box, check out our colored stone pieces, from rubies to emeralds to sapphires of all shades.”

London Jewelers sells Rolex, Cartier, Chanel, Bvlgari, Omega, Tudor, and many other brands. And although much has changed in nine decades, the business still retains its roots by providing service, such as watch and jewelry repairs, as well as professional assistance with finding the perfect gift.

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