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Would you believe all the homeless animals we spoke to this week all said they were content not finding a forever home? April Fools! They’re all ready to pack their bags and move into your heart and home forever. Will you let them in?

Available for adoption through Tender Loving Cats


In a word, Juniper is gorgeous. This 2.5-year-old kitty is described as a lovely girl that is quiet and shy (but with time that will likely subside), smart and curious. Juniper was rescued from the brutal outdoors and has been leaning into the easy life every day since. Jupiter would be a good fit for someone who knows cats, has experience with cats that are shy. She took a few weeks to come out of her shell in foster, but then quickly began to blossom into a lovely companion!

Jupiter absolutely loves cats, so if you are looking for a kitty companion, she would be an excellent choice. If you are a patient adopter who will allow Jupiter time to blossom, she will make a lovely pet. With time, Jupiter has learned that petting is lovely, cat friends are great, treats are yummy, and napping with a human is a great way to spend a day.

To adopt Jupiter, complete an adoption application here:

Available for adoption at the Town of Babylon Animal Shelter


Three-year-old Jackie is in search of a loving home where she can learn about life and have someone to call her own. She had lived an outdoor life prior to her arrival and will need some patience to acclimate to a home. Jackie is on the small side; she is very sweet and enjoys time in your lap. She would be most successful in a home with calm energy where she doesn’t get amped up and over-stimulated. She loves to exercise with her toys in a game of fetch and to go for walks to see the world. Jackie seeks a home without other pets and young kids.  Please give her the chance to know love and happiness!

If you can open your heart and home to Jackie, please call the shelter at 631-643-9270 or email [email protected]

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Cali and Archie

**Double Adoption** Cali and Archie are a pair of 2-year-old bonded siblings that arrived at the Animal Shelter after living in a feral cat colony. Now they can be seen cuddling together all day long! Cali is very outgoing and loves people, while Archie is more reserved and shy when meeting new humans. However, once Archie learns to open up to you, he is very playful and sweet. Cali and Archie would prefer a furrever home without children.

For more information about adopting Cali and Archie, please call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


The exceedingly lovely Ophelia (Adoption #H210280) has become quite content in her comfy bed, but she’ll allow her nap to be interrupted if you’re offering her some gentle chin scratches. This locally rescued 2-year-old has been dreaming about your visit, hoping it will lead to many more years of those chin scratches in a quiet home. A loving human who’s had cats before will understand just how much your gentle touch means to her. Ophelia would appreciate her home having understanding children (age 8 and older) who can provide her the tranquility she thrives on.

Titan and Zeus

**Double Adoption** You may find 6-month-old Titan (Adoption #NCR6001) and Zeus (Adoption #NCR6002) hanging out together on a high perch to survey their surroundings. These almost identical brothers from North Carolina love the time they share together. Zeus is game for new adventures with human visitors, and volunteers predict Titan will soon be joining in on the fun. NSALA can’t think of a better pair to rule your heart than Titan and Zeus! And remember, when you adopt, you save two lives – the life of the cat you take home, and the life of another rescue’s now have room for. When you adopt TWO bonded cats, you’re saving four lives!


When Bubbles (Adoption #NCR6006) arrived from his North Carolina rescue, he felt a bit overwhelmed by yet another change to his life. Watching his friends play has done wonders for his confidence; you’ll now find him waiting for his turn at play! NSALA is counting on his bubbly purrsonality coming out when he meets his true family. He’s saving the best for them! Want to give this gorgeous 1-year-old guy all the loving he deserves?

At first glance, you may think Amy (Adoption #NCR6014) is a shy, quiet girl. Pull out some toys and see a whole new side of this ambitious player! Although she has impeccable manners about waiting her turn, 1-year-old Amy is quite enthusiastic about being part of the fun, making her a wonderful choice for first time families looking for the best a cat can offer—a reason to smile while she thanks you for completing her rescue story.


Marvelous Molly (Adoption #NCR6017) is determined to share her experiences with you. This 1-year-old southern belle traveled a long way to be discovered, and she’s ready to lead you into a new era where she’ll take full command of your heart. Molly is enthusiastic about her playtime and provides chatty play-by-play with her actions. NSALA finds her whimsical purrsonality completely mesmerizing, and you will too!


When 9-month-old Diesel (Adoption #NCR6019) first arrived from his North Carolina rescue, he spent all his time hiding in bed. That changed when he was provided a sunny room to explore with calm cat friends encouraging him to join in on the fun. With just a little provocation, Diesel is discovering a whole new world. He hasn’t yet figured out that treats are for eating, not playing, but that’s ok. You’ll work out those little kinks with him when you bring him to his first real home. To make that transition a successful one, Diesel is looking for a household with children over 12 years old, adults experienced in nurturing their new furry family member, and a confident cat in the home waiting to show him the wonders of being a beloved family pet.


A local rescue hero discovered two-year-old Ketzillah (Adoption #H211235) and realized she was meant for a better life than living on the streets where she was struggling to survive. A quick trip to Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center has transformed this radiant beauty from timid to thankful. Ketzilah seeks an experienced home (with children age 8 and older) who can provide her the peace and comfort she’s always deserved.

Susie Greenberg

Seven-year-old Susie Greenberg (Adoption D48053) has very conflicting feelings about the abrupt end to the life she’d always known and the new one she’s now facing. Fortunately for her, she’s got a team of understanding fans ready to help her with her fresh start. This tenacious lady has never lived with cats before, so NSALA is looking for her to be the only pet in her new home. When she feels she’s got you all to herself, she’ll roll over and reveal her belly, but it’s her chin where she really loves receiving scratches. You’ll feel an instant bond with Susie from the moment she meows her gratitude for helping her restart her life.  Susie’s green eyes are telling you to come and take her home.

For more information about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables, contact [email protected] today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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