national pet day
Murphy and Cream

April 11 is National Pet Day so to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out), bring home any one of these awesome cats or (or dog) or head down to your local animal rescue or shelter and find your new pet today.

Available for adoption at Alleykatz Rescue

**Senior Alerts** Did you now that senior pets make the most amazing companions to pet owners young and old but especially for senior citizens? Older cats provide entertainment, love and a reason to get up each morning. Senior pets are usually low-key and happy to just sit in your lap or next to you and watch TV, making the purrfect companion for just about anyone!


Skeeter is an 8-year-old lovebug who lost his mom and his home but is hoping to find a new person that will love him. He is sweet, friendly and well behaved. He loves everyone he meets including young children.


Clementine, much like her name, is a sweet 10-year-old lady who loves humans as much as she loves other cats. Don’t let her age fool you, this girl is as healthy as they come and ready to spend many many happy years in her new forever home.


12-year-old Callie is a tiny, sweet gal also ready to start her next chapter in a safe home where she can thrive!


Dominick is a 9-year-old guy who simply craves attention and love. He is quiet, dignified, and good with other cats and children.


Wanna snuggle up with a marshmallow? Well then 5-year-old Marshmallow is your guy! This orange and white fella is ready to be your sweet treat today!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


No one is really sure why Angel is still homeless. This adorable 8-year-old beauty literally loves everyone she meets. She is strong in will and body and will need a leader that can be strict with her and setting boundaries. Angel loves food, walks, car rides, kiddie pool and any toy she can shred to pieces. This girl has a huge heart and wants her happily ever after!  She cannot be placed with other animals.

For more information about adopting Angel, please call the Smithtown Animal Shelter at 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


When 2-year-old Ward (Adoption #H209908) arrived, he was grieving deeply for the loss of his home and family. NSALA tucked him into the quietest place available, with the most loving hands experienced in helping fearful cats acclimate to a new setting. Time and patience were gifts Ward never received in his previous home. Beginning to trust those who care for him, Ward is enjoying life in the comfort of a predictable space, with feline friends modeling what’s in store with a little curiosity. Ward wants to feel confident with his new family and is searching for adults with experience in nurturing the spirit of timid cats. Because he’s responded so well to his feline roommates, a confident cat in the home will show him all the joy of family life. Would you like to be Ward’s hero? You’re just one visit away from making him part of your heart.

Lilly Allen

Lilly Allen (Adoption #H210318) makes everyone smile! That’s because NSALA knows how much she’s already survived, and although her past trauma made her hesitant at first, her triumphant spirit overcomes her fear with the right offering of an ear rub or treat. NSALA vets tended to an injured leg when she first arrived. Now fully recovered, 1-year-old Lilly is looking for a quiet home with a committed family who’ll always keep her safe and surround her with love. She’s learning to trust through watching her feline friends so a house with a cat looking for a side kick would complete her rescue story. Children older than age ten will enjoy watching this sweet mini-house-panther learn to trust them. With a little help from her new friends, Lilly Allen will be smiling in no time, and her family will too!


Despite the hardship of losing her owner recently, 2-year-old Hattie (Adoption #V39903) has been putting her best paw forward in a foster home as NSALA helps her find the purrfect place to spend furever. Because this tender tabby is fearful of other pets, she needs a place as quiet as her foster home, one with older kids who’ll provide her a predictable environment to help ease her back into family life. Experienced adults are going to offer her the understanding she craves to help her overcome her apprehension in new situations. Hattie deserves to be settled back into the heart of her family. Would you like to be the hero she’s been waiting for?

Mercury and Mars

**Double Adoption** When 1-year-olds Mercury (Adoption #H211412) and Mars (Adoption #H211413) were orbiting around someone’s backyard this fall, they had no idea how safe their landing would be. This timid pair of devoted siblings has leaned heavily upon each other as they explore the galaxy of indoor living. The NSALA team has given them time and attention in a quiet place where they’ve learned all about trust—and treats! Now we’re looking to launch them into a furever universe: your home! If you’ve had cats before, you’ll see how love and patience is all that’s needed to coax them into exploring your living room. A family with children (ages 12 and older) will provide them the kind of predictable setting they thrive in.

Victor and Misto

**Double Adoption and Senior Alert** Before 9-year-old Victor (Adoption #SPC318) and 7-year-old Misto (Adoption #SPC319) lost their beloved owner, they were enrolled in NSALA’s Safe Haven program to ensure they’d be safe while waiting for a second chance. Victor has lost no time letting us know how grateful he is that they’re safe. Misto is more cautious than his big brother, but also eager to meet new cats and people, especially when Victor is nearby to reassure him. These gentle boys have already experienced what it is to be loved by a special human, in a home with other cats and dogs. They’re hoping a new hero comes along soon to begin their fresh start, one as wonderful as their previous one.

Stella and Bruno

**Double Adoption and Senior Alert** Eight-and-a-half-year-old Stella (Adoption #H211231) and her 8-year-old son Bruno (Adoption #H211232) shared a quiet home their whole lives, until that lifestyle was interrupted by tragedy. Despite this upheaval to their peaceful life, they’re sticking by each other, longing for someone to show them the home life they once enjoyed. Stella has voiced gratitude with her polite chattiness. Bruno may not have as much to say as his mom, but he shows his appreciation with a robust head bump. All Stella and Bruno need now is someone special to choose them as their newest family members, and they’ll offer all the gratitude they can muster in return.

Raven and Pinky

**Double Adoption** A sunny room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center is a far cry from the life 8-month-olds Raven (Adoption #NCR6003) and her sister Pinky (Adoption #NCR6004) left behind in North Carolina. At first these bonded sisters were unsure of this new situation, but in a very short time, they’ve come to realize that freedom and sun beams are a fabulous thing. Imagine their joy when they realize their first home is even better!

Murphy and Cream

**Double Adoption** Murphy (Adoption #NCR6021) was down on his luck when he first arrived from a North Carolina shelter, seeking a friend to lean on while adjusting to his new setting. Along came Cream (Adoption # LA2188), a timid boy from Louisiana who needed his own buddy to fill him with a sense of security he’d been missing. Once these beautiful one-year-old boys clicked, they never left each other’s sides. That’s why NSALA has decided to let them spend furever together, completing each other’s hearts. Want to continue watching the bromance in your home? There’s always room for more love in their circle of friendship!


When Alutia (Adoption #G26629) first arrived, she was unsure of her new situation and hid in cubbies to avoid altercations. Time in a quiet sunny room in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center has smoothed out all the worries from her beautiful brow, and what’s left is a dedicated companion, eager to greet you at the door, hopeful your hands have time for rubs and treats. Two-and-a-half-year-old Alutia is being treated for chronic rhinitis, a covered medical condition throughout Pet Health Centers. A family with children (ages 10 and older) and experienced in soothing a sensitive soul will pave the way for her success. Although she coexists ok with her familiar feline roommates, her true happiness will come from being able to devote all her time and attention to the hero who escorts her home. Will that be you?

For more information about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables, contact [email protected] today!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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