Long Island Film The Mark Makes a Long-awaited Premiere in Lindenhurst

Angela Parker, Ray Fais, Gerry Ferretti, Sandy Favuzzi, Donna Morales, Valentina Janek, Anita Bloomfield, Eve Marie Sessa, Eddie Sessa, and Max Tommarchi (Photo by Ed Shin)

Gerry Ferretti’s The Mark made its long awaited premiere at the Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts (BACCA) in Lindenhurst on April 6.

The Long Island filmmaker, director, and actor wrote and produced his first feature film The Mark in 2017 and filmed it throughout Suffolk County with many locations right in Lindenhurst and surrounding areas.

Winner of the LA Neo Noir Film Festival’s Most Iconic Neo-Noir film in 2019, the film is a throwback to film noir of the ’40s and ’50s and is centered around a tormented hitman who is seduced and deceived by a beautiful woman. Ferretti began writing one early morning in 2016 having conceived the story in a dream. Following the success of The Mark he has gone on to create several short films currently making the festival circuit, won numerous awards with his team for acting and filmmaking, and in 2019 created the New York Long Island Film Festival (NYLIFF).

Now in its fourth year, NYLIFF operates out of Lindenhurst and has become one of the fastest growing film festivals in New York. Films can be submitted for 2022 at www.filmfreeway.com/NYLIFF.

For more information, visit NYLIFF.com or Ferretti Films at [email protected].

Image 5 Eve Marie Sessa Eddie Sessa
Eve Marie Sessa and Eddie Sessa (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 4 Gerry Ferretti Valetina Janek Sandy Favuzzi
Gerry Ferretti, Valetina Janek, and Sandy Favuzzi (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 3 Gerry Ferretti
Gerry Ferretti (Photo by Ed Shin)
Image 2 Gerry Ferretti Eddie Sessa
Gerry Ferretti and Eddie Sessa (Photo by Ed Shin)

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