Glen Cove Mansion Gets Liquor License Suspended After Pool Party Shooting

glen cove mansion fetty luciano
The Mansion at Glen Cove

The Glen Cove Mansion’s liquor license has been suspended after the venue allowed a promoter to host a large pool party at the hotel that led to three people being shot, the New York State Liquor Authority announced Wednesday.

According to the SLA, officials from the Town of Glen Cove denied the Glen Cove Mansion’s event permit request, strongly advising against the party due to past event disruptions and resident complaints, on July 7. However, the hotel let the promoter proceed with the event on July 10. About 150 to 200 people were there, and a fight between nearly a dozen patrons broke out shortly after 5 p.m. Gunfire erupted, and three people were shot, including a security guard who tried to intervene.

“SLA license holders have an obligation to maintain orderly operations,” said SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley. “This business has failed to uphold their obligation as a licensee, and the board is taking action to ensure public safety and support local law enforcement.”

When police arrived at the scene, there was commotion as people fled the area holding alcohol and threw alcohol into their cars, the SLA reported. A hotel manager said that all service and security was handled by the promoter, not the Glen Cove Mansion, which the SLA understood as an admission that the hotel gave control of the establishment to an unlicensed promoter.

The Glen Cove Mansion has been charged with 10 violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, including availing their license to an unapproved promoter, disorderly premise, failure to conform to the application by operating as a nightclub, and failure to obtain local permits for an outdoor event with amplified music.

No alcohol may be sold or consumed on the Glen Cove Mansion premise during the suspension while the SLA prosecutes the violations, the maximum penalty for which is revocation of the license, SLA officials noted.

Operators of the Glen Cove Mansion did not immediately respond to the Press’ request for comment.