Your March 2023 Horoscope

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Your March 2023 Horoscope

Aries – Be prepared to be busy as a result of renewed business activity, increased involvement in matters of your finances, and the elimination of old conditions and the creation of new ones. This is all characterized by the transit of Mars moving through your third house.

Taurus – Venus moving through your 11th house indicates a need for family social gatherings and social, artistic and romantic activities in the home. You may want to overindulge in domestic luxuries now.

Gemini – Mercury moving through your ninth house will make you concerned with the education of children. You will enjoy literary art forms and intellectual pleasures during this transit.

Cancer – Satisfaction of personal ambitions and a need for self-expression is characteristic of Saturn trine your Sun. This can be a favorable  time for social and romantic activity.

Leo – This is a time for social activities and communication with siblings, neighbors and friends. Lots of short distance traveling for pleasure is likely during this period while Venus trines your Sun.

Virgo – Mars squaring your Sun sign sets the cycle for the next 12th months. Increased vitality, self-confidence and personal leadership are evident. Enjoy the spotlight.

Libra – Venus moving through your seventh house indicates kindness and consideration to and from friends, along with humanitarian feelings toward people in general. Volunteer work can feel very rewarding to you now.

Scorpio – The strong influence of Pluto in your third house can cause a major change in attitude toward siblings, neighbors and friends. There is a need for regeneration of personal thinking patterns.

Sagittarius – After the last period of the T-square to your natal Sun, things will quiet down more. Mars moving through your seventh house of partnerships will reveal a favorable period for harmony in marriage and partnerships of all kinds. Don’t take your partner for granted.

Capricorn – Pluto has been conjunct your natal Sun for quite some time. This may result in a promotion or public recognition for your professional achievements. You will be given increased responsibility in relationships with superiors.

Aquarius – A sudden, unexpected short trip to visit family may be necessary to establish harmony in relationships during this transit while Venus is sextile to your natal Sun. This is a good period for writing or lecturing on occult subjects.

Pisces – Don’t promise more than you can deliver while Mars squares your natal Sun. There is an increased personal attractiveness through improved health and personal adornment, especially due to the purchase of beautiful clothing.