Westbury Arts Leads the Way for World Premiere Of Documentary

Documentary 1
Cinematographer Fredy Chica, Filmmakers Annmarie Ragucci, Kevin Lopez & Stanley Turetsky Westbury Arts Board Director
Ed Shin

Westbury Arts served as the venue for the recent premiere of “Threads of Nature: The Art & Advocacy of Alicia Evans.” This documentary, directed by Kevin Lopez and Annmarie Ragucci of South Shore Films in Rockville Center and filmed and edited by Fredy Angel Chica, tells the inspiring environmental advocacy story of award-winning fiber artist, Alicia Evans. 

“In an age where we’re steadily losing touch with our natural roots, Alicia’s fiber art acts as an artistic bridge, connecting humanity back to its origin–nature,” says Lopez.  “Her method of crocheting yarn into the shape of beautiful trees allows her to weave a story in celebration of nature.”

 It was a special evening at Westbury Arts where the audience had the opportunity to meet the filmmakers, as well as Ms. Evans, who is co-Vice President of Westbury Arts. She has garnered acclaim for her decade-long commitment to crocheting trees as a unique form of environmental advocacy. The documentary captures the essence of Alicia’s artistry and the delicate threads that connect her passion, nature, and the urgent call for humanity to embrace environmental consciousness. 

In addition to the premier of Threads of Nature, Lopez and Ragucci also streamed three other films celebrating extraordinary stories of inspiring Long Islanders.  “When selecting a story to tell, “it has to be something I’m passionate about,” said Annmarie, “and in our orbit.”

“Sharing the Stoke” features the relationship between Cliff Skudin and Dylan Hronec.  Skudin, a surfer from Long Beach and co-founder of Surf for All, helps Hronec, a surfer with cerebral palsy, participate in the thrill of the sport. 

“Riding Redemption” is set at North Shore Horse Rescue and Sanctuary farm in Baiting Hollow, a healing place for both horses and humans.

In “When It Snows.” Marty Bevilacqua of Rockville Centre pays homage to his son Mark in the elaborate snow sculptures he creates in his memory—Mark died in a motorcycle accident when he was 20. “Snow is a gift from Mark,” he says.

Lopez and Ragucci have a talent for discovering stories about Long Islanders.  Lopez emphasizes, “Look around you; the stories are right there!”


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Fredy Chica & Alicia EvansEd Shin
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Stan TuretskyEd Shin
Alicia EvansEd Shin
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Fredy Chica, Karla Chica, Kimberly Chica, Fredy Eveanor Chica & Alicia EvansEd Shin
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Jason Barlow, Kevin Lopez & Megan LaydonEd Shin


Annmarie Ragucci & Kevin LopezEd Shin
Lyn Dobrin & Annmarie RagucciEd Shin
Alicia Evans & Warren RichardsonEd Shin
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Kevin Lopez, Christina Ragucci Domenick Ragucci, Lucy Ragucci & Annmarie RagucciEd Shin
Alicia Evans & Connie Ambrosio-LocascioEd Shin