What Is The Best Movie Theater On Long Island?


What Is The Best Movie Theater On Long Island?

The movies are the great escape for all of us, a way to indulge in adventurous fantasy, to share an experience with someone we love, and to eat popcorn with melted butter.

But there can only be one winner. And in 2023, voters chose Cinema Arts Centre as the best movie theater!

The Cinema Arts Centre is Long Island’s year-round hub for independent and international films, as well as serving the community as a not-for-profit theater. The CAC stands alone in its unique scope of films and community resources not often offered on Long Island.

The location, just an hour outside of Manhattan, includes three theaters, with its main theater holding 300 seats for viewers. The center was founded in 1973 by Vic Skolnick and Charlotte Sky, along with their son Dylan Skolnick, and has grown to serve 150,000 members yearly. After seeing a film, make sure to check out their Sky Room Cafe for a bite. Or, take a stroll through their garden whose bricks are engraved by cinema supporters over the years.