Freeport Superintendent of 15 Years to Retire in August

Dr. Kishore Kuncham.

After a distinguished career spanning 35 years in the Freeport school district, with the last 15 years serving as superintendent, Kishore Kuncham will retire effective Aug. 20.

Kuncham is the first Indian-American school superintendent in New York state and is leaving behind a legacy of educational advocacy, innovation and dedication to the field of academics.

The school district’s education board accepted his letter of resignation on Dec. 6.

“It is certainly a bittersweet feeling. To be honest, it is a mixture of emotions. There is great pride in what we have accomplished here together and gratitude for the unwavering support of our school community,” Kuncham said. “A sense of fulfillment in knowing that I have dedicated my career to public education.”


Under his leadership, the district has had the highest graduation rates in many decades, with alumni attending prestigious colleges and universities around the country.

Known for his whole-child approach and emphasis on holistic growth beyond academics, Kuncham introduced innovative programs and services which led to significant advancements in academic achievement, arts, athletics, and community engagement.

“I’ve learned that true success in education or life is not measured solely in accolades or test scores or other means but by the impact we all have on individual lives,” Kuncham said. “Every student has a unique journey, and our role is to support and nurture their potential in every possible way for them to blossom.”

He introduced 30 Advanced Placement courses and more than 30 dual-enrollment college credit courses, as well as establishing state-of-the-art science research programs and partnerships with institutions such as Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cornell University.


The superintendent also introduced the daily practice of mindfulness, yoga, and guided breathing into Freeport schools, understanding the role health and wellness play in educating a child.

Kuncham has been a strong advocate for educational finance reforms, and under his leadership, the district achieved and maintained one of the highest bond ratings and consecutive tax levy decreases.

Beyond his professional achievements, he is a peace advocate who brings the Freeport community together through annual peace concerts, peace marches, and a 131-mile peace walk.

“He has had such a huge impact and has made this his home. He is always investing in our community, and he started so many community initiatives and championed them, and they all have had positive impacts on the community,” Board of Education President Maria Jordan-Awalom said.

Kuncham’s influence extends far beyond the district, benefiting numerous advocacy groups and charitable organizations. Over his 46 years of commitment to education in both public and private sectors, he has been a driving force for advocacy on local and state levels.


“I have seen firsthand how collective action and a vision can transform educational opportunities for our students,” Kuncham said. “Continue to be relentless and use the power of advocacy and collaboration that can result in driving meaningful change. Never give up; we should never give up on being cutting edge in the field of education and prepare our students to be innovators, problem solvers, and creative thinkers.”

He founded the Freeport Educational Foundation and his service extends to board leadership roles in organizations such as Reform Educational Finance Inequities Today, New York Benefits for Educators and Student Trust, United Way of Long Island, Island Harvest, the Cradle of Aviation Museum, and the Nassau Community College Foundation.

Recognized for his academic contributions, he has received awards, including the highest honor from the Association of School Business Officials International Eagle Award, the New York State PTA Distinguished Service Award, and the Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award. 

“Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and have led our school district to thrive and excel in the past many years. Freeport Schools is unquestionably the most memorable, most rewarding and proudest accomplishment of all my professional experiences,” Kuncham said. 

“I am going to miss the vibrant energy of our schools and our classrooms and the children and seeing our students blossom and achieve their academic and personal goals,” he added. 

The Freeport school district is in the process of selecting a new school superintendent.