Tag: Hurricane Sandy

Beyond the obvious issues that everyone complains about–taxes, traffic, cost of living, the way we tawk–there are some seriously twisted things about this place we call home. Here are a few we take for granted that boggle the minds of interlopers who happen upon our fair Island. Did somebody say "Cheese Fries"!?

The funding "is just what they need to rebuild and make crucial repairs and upgrades."

The federal government has approved the first phase of a potential $13-million hazard mitigation project in Long Beach designed to improve the city’s Superstorm...

“Simply repairing our homes to their previous state can no longer suffice.”

The county is seeking $690 million to construct an ocean outfall pipe.

Forty-million alone would go to Island Park.

Despite publishing only 12 issues last year, the Press came in second overall, with top honors yet again across nearly every category.

“It does take a village to help a community rebuild."

"This project, fully funded by the federal government, will ultimately provide massive protections for Long Beach residents and businesses."

“They submitted false claims to FEMA and lined their pockets with money."