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Woodbury Double Murder Case Ends in Plea Deal

The last of three men accused of a double murder has struck a plea deal in a case that started in a Woodbury condo...

6 Super Bowl Story Lines Long Island Football Fans Should Follow

New York may not have a dog in the fight, but there are story lines aplenty worth following come Super Bowl Sunday, especially if you’re a Jets fans.

Blog: Meadowlands Super Bowl Recap

"People watching this crushing defeat that bordered on boring—the worst curse of a Super Bowl—wondered how the Broncos might have fared with their ex-quarterback Tim Tebow on the field."

Jets Release Tebow, Now Team ONLY has 5 QBs

Tebow out as backup to backup.

Rex Ryan Tattoo of Woman in Mark Sanchez Jersey

Nothing that Rex Ryan might do in the future can ever top this. The boisterous head coach of the New York Jets jetted to the...